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Shri Krishna,Astrology and Arjuna: The great Pandava

Arjuna was born in utaraphalguni  nakshatra in the moon sign Virgo.This sign is compatible with taurus hence Arjuna was very close to Krishna born in taurus.Krishna explained Bhagavadgeetha to him,showed his Vishwaroopa to him. Arjuna could fight simultaneously with 10000 warriors  , Arjuna single handedly defeated entire Kaurava army consisting of Bheeshma, Karna, Duryodhana, Ashwatthama,Kripacharya,Dronacharya,Shalya,etc, thrice before Mahabharatha war . Arjuna had the great Gandeeva bow , which was 22000 kgs in weight , it could simultaneous expel eight kinds of arrows

  1. moorcha
  2. mohana
  3. bhranthi
  4. one that creates dazzling light
  5. one which multiplies in arrow after it leaves into thousands
  6. one which releases spirits and pisacha
  7. maya
  8. one which induces tendency of suicide in the opponent.

Arjuna was very handsome,and expert in dancing and singing and disguising.Arjuna had a long belly as a result of which ,he always kept travelling and missing family life.Arjuna had  many wives too . Subhadra was most dear to Him. He had another wife from Tripura (kaamroopa desh) He had a son Babruvahan from her. He had another son who was incarnation of mars from Uluchi. These both sons of Arjuna unknowingly bring death blow to Him.

Man according to astrology is born with a initial longevity at birth. A man can live maximum of 120 years and five days on earth. If one is careless with life , one can get premature death(apamrutyu). In case of premature death , one has to wander bodyless on the very earth till he allocated longevity is exhausted. Hence one has to take precaution with respect to safety of the self. Also every person born on this earth is allocated some work /achievements to accomplish. If his accomplishments are exemplary w.r.t efforts he puts in, God extends his life expectancy towards a full of 120 years .

Arjuna defied death many times in his life. every time he died he was brought back to life by Krishna. such incidents are

  1. Laksha graha,( Bheema sena saves him by taking him on his shoulders)
  2. Yaksha prashna ( Yaksha Yama brings him back to life)
  3. Combat with Pasupati( Shiva blesses him with Pashupati astra)
  4. Combat with Babruvahan(krishna bringsback to life)
  5. Combat with son of Uluchi(krishna brings back to life)
  6. Curse of Urvashi ( he turns Transvestite , krishna makes it appear as a boon to him in vanavasa)
  7. Jarasandha chooses Bheemasena to fight instead of Arjuna( krishna influences his choice)
  8. Combat with Karna ( nagastra) [Krishna saves him by pressing his chariot one inch below ground ,thus astra hits crown]
  9. To bring back son of Bramhana (Krishna takes him Narayana loka ,shows him NaraNarayana)
  10. Attempt at suicide before killing Jayadrath (saved by krishna by stopping sunset with SudarshanChakra)
  11. Attempt at suicide for not being able to Kill Yudhistira ,  as latter had insulted Gandiva.( Saved by Krishna, who asks him to praise himself [akin to suicide])
  12. Combat with Shalya ( Krishna asks him step back to attain victory)
  13. Combat with Bhargavdatta( use of vaishnavastra Krishna taking it on himself as garland)
  14. Use of shakti by Karna on Ghatotkacha ( thus saving Arjuna)
  15. Burning of Chariot after Mahabharatha war ( Krishna asks Arjuna to step down first , and then steps down later after which chariot burns up)
  16. Duryodhan chooses Bheemasena to fight his last battle.( Krishna uses his maya avoids Arjun )
  17. Bramhastra by ashwatthama ( Krishna asks Ashwatthana to divert his brahmhastra )
  18. Ashwatthama killing all uppandavas thinking they are Pandavas.( Krishna takes Arjun away to another place.)

Arjuna was saved many times from death,death like situations,and even after certain death he was brought back to Life. And all this because it was his progeny , son of Abhimanyu ( which Krishna wanted to save to rule the earth) , Parikshit who ruled the earth after MAhabharath , with great rulers like Janmejay ,shatanik,sahasranik, and finally Kshemak ruling this earth in the lineage of Somavansha , Pandavas.for 1000 years .

The other names of Arjuna are

  1. Arjuna
  2. anagha
  3. kapidhwaja [he had Hanuman on his Flag]
  4. kurushrestha
  5. kurunandan[ born in lineage of kuru]
  6. kurupravir
  7. kaunteya [ son of kunthi]
  8. gudakesha [performed penace alone in a cave on indrakeela parvat without food and sleep for pasupatastra ]
  9. dhananjay
  10. dhanurdhar
  11. parantap
  12. Parth
  13. purushvyaghra
  14. purusharshabha
  15. Bharath
  16. Mahabaho
  17. Pandava
  18. Bharathshreshta
  19. Bharathsattam
  20. savyasachi [one who can leave arrows from both hands simultaneously]
  21. Phalguna.


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