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Shree Raghavendra Suprabhaatam !

Shri gurubhyo namha

Shree Raaghavendra suprabhatam

AUTHOR  – tarka vidwaan jyodishvidwaan vedaantshiromaNi , mysooreaasthanavidwaan , panditbhooshan , vidyaavaachaspati , Shree Raghavendra mutt aasthaan vidwaan



translator – chiraan

Shree raghavendra mangalashasanam !

shrimate raaghavendraaya sarvaabhishTapradaayine | mantraalaynivaasaaya gururaajaay mangaLam ||

Oh Raaghavendra teertha gururaaja [ Just as emperor is the man with  a highest qualities and of highes order in terms of greatness among the men …. so also among the men qualified to be gurus [ spiritual teachers ] Raghvendra swamy is emperor among such men , ie with  highest and greatest place attributed by LORD narsimha ]

Oh guru Raghavendra , you give all the material desires to your devotees sitting in Mantralaya with vishesha sannidhi [ why vishesha sannidhi ?] Rayaru is still alive in Mantralaya … He has been there since 1671 …… in these 340 years many a saints scholars sadhaka … who were of celestial amshas …. aparoksha gyanis …. themselves yet before achieving aparoksha gyana have visited Mantralaya and performed seva and attained their desires ….and knowledge … after they have achieved aparoksha gyana too they have praised RAYARU in their devotional songs …..

Some were devatas born on earth who were lesser in tartamya to RAYARU [ Prahlaad rayaru ] like Ahlaad [ brother of PRAHLAAD ] ie Jagganath Dasaru …. like GANAPATY [ GOPALADASARU ] etc …. Some were highere in tartamya like VIJAYADASARU [ sage BHRIGU ] …… while they have praised rayaru as jagadguru even after attaining aparoksha gyana shows on to say they revered RAYARU because RAYARU has vishesha VAYU sannidhi , and all the devatas reside In RAYARA vrindavana … and praising Rayaru also becomes automatically the praise of LORD Pradyumna present as five fold HAYAGREEVA NARSIMHA KRISHNA RAAMA VEDVYASA  in RAYARU to bless all the normal and aparoksha gyanis their desired on earth alnd that too instantly as KALIYUGA KAAMADHENU ]

hence the word vishesha sannidhi ….. Oh raghavendra let there be auspiciousnness …..

Shree MOOLARAAMA suprabhaatam

seetaapate vidhikaraarchita koormaraajbhanDaarto Nrahareeteerthamuneendralabdha | aanandateerthamunivanshyayateendrapoojya  shreemoolaraama bhavataattava suprabhaatam ||

Oh Moolraama dev  seetapati , Bramha has himseff worshipped you … Then Narahariteertha swamy has obtained you from the stores of gajapati kings of Koorma Kingdom of Orrissa … Madhavacharya and ShriRaghvendra teertha   and all the yatis [ peethadhipatis ] coming in his tradition have worshipped you .. Oh raama let there be Auspiciousness !

note – Moolarama and moolseeta idols were created by BRAMHA .. and BRAMHA himself worshipped it for many years …..Then pleased with the tapasya penace of Vaivasvat Manu son Ikshavaku  .. Bramha gave him the IDOLS …. For generations Ikshvaku and his sons in his lineage worshipped MOOLARAMA so that someday LORD will bless his dynasty with a birth ….So also RAJA DASHARATH worshipped with piety MOOLARAMA and was finally blessed with a son LORD HIMSELF LORD RAAMA …. as thesse idols were primary cause of birth of VISHNU avatara …. RAAMA the idol is known popularly as MOOLARAAMA ….

Later after tretayuga dwapara in KALIYUGA 43rd century these idols went to the KIngdom of orissa whose capital was at Koormakshetra  where gajapatis were ruling …..

in the same year SRIMANMADHVACHARYA took established KRISHNA at UDUPI and sent his disciple NARAHARITEERTHA to orissa to fetch the idols …NAHARITEERTHA sat outside the kingdom on the banks of  a river for penace … few months later the KING of the Koormanagari died …. his son was too tender a age to rule ….. SO ministers of the kingdom decided to decorate an ELEPHANT with Vishnu avahana …. give it a GARLAND and a golden vessel with sacred incanted water… [ matrapoota jala ] … The ELEPHANT was left in the kingdom to roam about freely … the idea was whoever the elephant garlands and then bathes with the water from golden vessel will be appointed as the KING of the KOORMAnagar …

The elephant chose to garland NARHARITEERTHA and did abhisheka with the water from golden  vessel ….. NARHARI TEERTHA ruled justly for 12 years the kingdom justly …. and after the Prince became of eligible restored him to the throne and while leaving the KINGDOM prince offered him the IDOL of MOOLARAMA from the stores as Gurudakshina [ prince had a  dream to that effect  that night ]

Narhari teertha offered the IDOL to MADHVACHARYA and from then on all the yatis in his dynasty [ tradition ] includimng Shree RAGHAVENDRA swamy worshipped MOOLARAMA devaru . EVEN till today SHREE MOOLARAMa is worshipped in SHREERAGHAVENDRA SWAMY mutt by the PONTIFFS …

Oh SHREEMOOLARAAMA deva  let there be auspiciousness …..

Shree VAYUAVATARATRAYA suprabhatam

Shreeraamadootahanuman yadunaathdaas Shree Bheemsen vararoupyapuraavataar | shreevyaasahrutprayatmaameetashuddhabuddhe shreemadhvaraaj bhavataattav suprabhaatam ||

Oh hanumaan the messenger of LORD RAAMA , Oh Bheemsen the attendant of LORD KRISHNA , Oh MADHVARAAJ of clean mind and infinite intelleigence , very dear to the LORD VEDVYASA , SUPRABHAATA to you [ Good auspicious morning ]

note : from here onwards 38 shlokas are  RAGHAVENDRA swamy suprabhaath  …. 14 15th 16th August SHree RAGHAVENDRA swamy ARADHANA starts …. its a earnest directive to take part in this samaraadhane at the nearest Raghavendra swamy temple …. contribute to various sevas ,… give for bramhan abhojana …. partcipate in geeta vaadya  nrutya  seva ….. on these three days especially worship Raghavendra swamy in special ways to attain all the desired …..   in the previous posts I have given various stotras  fo various problems … these stotras work when there is only karma relating to the problem alone  … but f curses are operating in the horoscope , then the desired results dont come even after 100 recitals …. if other doshas exists even then these remedies dont seem to work …. when there is prabala prarabdha then too remedies dont work …. and one suffers endlessly …. what to do in such situation ….?  except with head down and accepting the fate one has no option …. One option is to ask for strength [ to HARI ] to face the situation … another option is borrow good fortune from RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY ….. usually one has to return whatever borrowed , but RAGHAVENDRA swamy does not expect things back .. so its for free … condition …. VISHNU BHAKTI … VISHNU SARVOTAMMATVA VAYUJEVOTTAMATVA GYANA ….

But to get this devotion our day should start with peace so we have necessary mindsetup to concentrate on HARI … but with prabala prarabdha day starts with jolts and endlessly draws into whirlpool of sins and misery ….. unless [ mangal vastu darshan occurs in morning , no good descends ]  …. there is no mangal [auspicious ] vastu than auspiciousness personified MOOLARAMA DEVA VAYU DEVA AND SHREE RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY …. hence getting up early in the morning and reciting this suprabhaata will give necessary auspiciousness to begin the day in a good way and get fortunes from SHREE RAGHAVENDRA which will offset our prarabdha … and also as a bonus we get SHRIHARI BHAKTI which will set us free from SANSAARA ….


Bramhagnyayaa ditikule bahudoshapoorNe jaatoapi bhaktibharito bhuvanam samastam | yoapeepavo diviShadaam var shankukarNa Shree RAAghavendra bhavataatav suprabhaatam ||

Oh shankukarna the best among devatas …You have taken birth [ as per the instructions of BRAMHA ] in the lineage of DITI by the name PRAHALAAD ….. this dynasty known to have  qualities  full of countless  HARIDWESHA  … etc …and many many defects …. BUt still none of these , not a single of defects ever manifested in YOU oh PRAHALAADRAYA ….. Instead VISHNU BHAKTI and infinite satvik qualities are seen in PRAHALAADARAYA … with such qualities PRAHALAADRAAYA you are completely clean and pure and auspicious and you make all those who serve you with devotion similarly [ as per capacity ] clean pure and auspicious ….Oh Prahalaadraaya , you have now descended again on earth as GURU SHRIRAGHAVENDRA SWAMY .. suprabhaata to you [ a very good auspicious morning ]

Note- some people may ask how do MADHVAS declare Such and such person is avatara of such and deity … isnt it glorification of self philosophy and self assumed glorification of our pontiffs …

To refute such illogical arguments …… the following lines from NARSIMHA PURANA presents the prooof of PRAHALAAD having descended as RAGAHVENDRATEERTHA …

ShankukarNaakhyadevastu bramhavaakyascha bhootale | Prahlaad iti vikhyaato bhoobhaar kshapaNE ratah | sa eva RAAGHVENDRAAKHYA:  kalau MANTRALAYEABHAVAT |


to be continued …………………………

Vaishnava Stotras for women and Non-Dwijas !

Srigurubhyo namaha


a aa e ee u oo ae ai O ou

k kh g gh

ch Ch j Jh

p ph b bh m

ta th d dh n

Ta Tha D DH N

ya ra la La va sh Sh sa ha Ksh tra gny

Note :The following shlokas can be recited by anyone irrespective of shuchi asuchi and caste creed and nationality and gender ….at all times and yet results will be guaranteed ……


Narsimha Stuti

laT laTaa laT laTaa LaTkaTisi vanajanDa | kaTah paT paT puTutkaTadi bichchu taliralu | puT puTa putanegadu chirihrutta pa | lkaTakaTa kaT kaDidu roShadinda | miTi miTi miTane raktakshiyalli noDi | taTitkoTi OOrBhaTaga aarBhaTvaagiralu KuTil rahita vyakta vijayaviTTHala shakta | diTa niTil netra surkaTaka paripalaa ||

नरसिंह स्तुति
लट लटा लट लटा ळटकटिसि वनजान्ड | कटह पट पट पुटुत्कटदि बिच्चुतलिरलु | पुट पुट पुतनेगदु चिरहृत्त प | ल्कटकट कट कडिदु रोषदिन्द | मिटि मिटि मिटने रक्ताक्षियल्ली नोडि | तटित्कोटि ऊरभटग आरभटवागिरलू  कुटिल रहित व्यक्त विजयविट्ठल शक्त | दिट निटिल नेत्र सुर्कटक परिपाला ||

Durga mantra

durge haa hey ho haa: durge mangaLa durge | durgati koDadiru vijayaviTTHala priye ||

 दुर्गा मन्त्र
दुर्गे हा हे हो हा: दुर्गे मंगला दुर्गे | दुर्गति कोडदिरु विजयविट्ठल प्रिये ||

durga stotra

durgaa durgeye mahaaduShTajana samhaare | durgaantargata durgey durlaBhe sulabhe | durgamvaagide ninna mahime bomme | bhargaadigaligella gunisidaroo | swarga bhumii paataaLa vyaaputa devi | vargakke meerida balu sundari  | durguNadavar Bhadhe bahaLavaagide taayii | durgatihaare naanu peLuvade | durgandhavaagide sansruti noDidare | nirgama na kaNenamma mangaLaange | durge hey durge mahadurge bhudurge viShNU | durge durjaya durdaksh shaktii | durgkaanan gahan parvatghor sarpa | gargar shabda vyaaghra karaDi mrutyu | varg bhoot preta paishaach modalaad | durgaNa sankaT praaptvaag | durgaadurgey yendu uchchaswaradinda | nirgaLitnaagi omme koogidroo | swargaapavargadalli hariyoDane iddaru | surgaNa jaya jaya vendu pogaLutir | kargaLindali yetti saakuva saakshibhoote | nirguDHidante  loka leele ninage | swaragangajanak namma vijayaviTTalananghri | durgashrama maaDi badukuvante maaDu ||

दुर्गा स्तोत्र
दुर्गा दुर्गेये महादुष्टजन संहारे | दुर्गान्तर्गत दुर्गेय दुर्लभे सुलभे   | दुर्गम वागिदे निन्न महिमे बोम्मे | भरगादिगलीगेल्ल गुनिसिदरू | स्वर्ग भूमि पाताल व्यापूता देवि | वर्गक्के मीरिद बलु सुंदरी  | दुर्गुणदवर भाधे बहळवागिदे तायी | दुर्गतिहारे नानु पेळुवदे | दुर्गन्धवागिदे संश्रुति नोडिदरे | निर्गम ना काणेनम्म मंगलांगे | दुर्गे हे दुर्गे महादुर्गे भुदुर्गे विष्णु | दुर्गे दुर्जय दुर्दक्ष शक्ती | दुर्गकानन गहन पर्वतघोर सर्प | गर्गर शब्द व्याघ्र करडि मृत्यु | वर्ग भूत प्रेत पैशाच मोदलाद | दुर्गण संकट प्राप् त्वाग | दुर्गादुर्गेय येन्दु उच्चस्वरदिन्द | निर्गळितनागि ओम्मे कूगिद् रू| स्वर्गापवर्गदल्लि हरियोडने इद्दरु | सुर्गण जया जया वेन्दु पोगळुतिर | करगळिन्दलि येत्ति साकुवा साक्षीभूते | निर्गुढिदन्ते  लोक लीले निनगे | स्वरगंगजनक नम्म विजयविट्ठलन‍ँघ्रि | दुर्गश्रम माडि बदुकुवन्ते माडु ||

Panchamukhi hanumaan stotra

kapimukhamapi poorvam dakshiNe naarsimham | garuDamukhamapi pashchaaduttare sookaraasyam || hayavadanamatordhvam chintayet vaayusunoom | sakalduritaharam sriiraamadootam shirasaanamaami ||

पंचमुखी हनुमान स्तोत्र

कपिमुखमपि पूर्वम दक्षिणे नारसिंहं | गरुडमुखमपि पष्चादुत्तरे सूकरास्यम || हयवदनमतोर्ध्वम चिन्तयेत वायुसुनूं | सकलदुरितहरम
श्रीरामदूतम शिरसानमामि ||

rudra stotra

dhavaLagangeya gangaadhar mahaalinga maa-| dhavan torisayya gurukulottunga || archisidavarigebhiShTaya koDuva | hechchina aaghgaLataridu bisuDuvaa || duShcharitagaLella doordalliDuvaa na-| mma chyutagallada asurara baDivaa || maaranna gedda manoharmoorti | saar sajjanarige Shubhchakravarti || DhaaruNiyaoLage tumbida ninna keerti | muraariya torisayyaa ninage sharaNaarti || chinna prasanna shreehayavadananna | anudin nenavante maaDo nee yenna || anyanallavou naanu guruvemba ninna | innadaroo tOrO hariya mukkaNNa ||

रुद्र स्तोत्र
धवळगन्गेय गंगाधर महालिन्ग मा-| धवन तोरिसय्य गुरुकुलोत्तुन्ग || अर्चिसिदवरिगेअभिष्टय कोडुव | हेच्चिन आघगळतरिदु बि सुडुवा || दुष्चरितगळेल्ल दूर दल्लि इडुवा न-| म्म च्युतगल्लद असुरर बडिवा || मारन्न गेद्द मनोहरमूर्ति | सार सज्जनरिगे शुभचक्रवर्ती || धारुणियओलगे तुम्बिद निन्न कीर्ति | मुरारिय तोरिसय्या निनगे शरणार्ति || चिन्न प्रसन्न श्रीहयवदनन्न | अनुदिन नेनवन्ते माडो नी येन्न || अन्यनल्लवौ नानु गुरुवेंब निन्न | इन्नादरू तोरो हरिया मुक्कण्ण ||

Gauri stotra

bhadraaNi dehi me gauri gauri | bhadraaNi dehi gauri rudraaNI bhooryaabharaNi || garvaadi nirmitaani durvaas sukhdaayini | sarvaaNi paatakaani sharvaaNi Bhinditaani || ambhojanaabh sahit rambhoru shambhudayite | gaambhirya suguNa sahite kumbhodbhavaadi vinute || indivaraabhanayane vandithayavadana | kundakuDmalardane chandrasahasravadane ||

गौरी स्तोत्र
भद्राणि देहि मे गौरी गौरी | भद्राणि देहि गौरी रुद्राणी भूर्याभरणी || गर्वादि निर्मितानि दुर्वास सुखदायिनी | सर्वाणि पातकानि शर्वाणि भिंदितानि || अंभोजनाभ सहित रंभोरू शम्भुदयिते| गाम्भिर्य सुगुण सहिते कुम्भोद्भवादि विनुते || इन्दिवराभनयने वन्दित हयवदन | कुन्दकुड्मलर्दने चंद्रसहस्रवदने ||

raaghvendra stotra …

raaghavendra raaghvendra raaghavendra paahi maam |  raaghavendra raaghvendra raaghavendra raksha maam ||

राघवेन्द्र स्तोत्र …
राघवेन्द्र राघवेन्द्र राघवेन्द्र पाही माम |  राघवेन्द्र राघवेन्द्र राघवेंद्र रक्ष माम ||
अच्युताय नम: अनन्ताय नमः गोविन्दाय नमः अच्युतानन्तगोविन्दाय नमः

Benefits of shloka

These are all stotras very powerful to be recited when in danger of enemies ,….abhichara and stiff resistance at work place …. much hurdles in getting accomplishments …. when troubled harassed by evil people …. when discriminated by superiors …. attrocities of powerful …. when in acute loss of wisdom words and when limbs fail ….. when life is in danger ….. when in debts …. when spouse is not under control …. when abused by in laws ….. when one wants to leave a  bad company ….. when a son is not obedient ,.,…. when in foriegn countries …… when one wants cleanse oneself of sins ……

in all such situations these stotras which are very ugra and brings downfall of the opponents within short time …. enemies give up and fall on feet ….. some will earn from their enemies too ,…. those who recite this shlokas will speak unabshedly in courts and gathering even though inimcal …
one will get extra daring attitude and be  shelter to others …..

there are many benefits of this hslokas if it is done continuously for 108 times in a day for seven days …. eleven days … 21 days …. one month and one year .. one gets many unimagined results that is called as anusandhana and anushthana …… even women and non bramhins can gain siddhi by doing parayana these shlokas


Hindi transliteration courtesy Smt SHUCHI SHUKLA

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