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Planetary results

  1. Planets give results according to the vimsopaka bala.
  2. Planets give results also according to its distance from the sun.
  3. Vimsopaka bala is sum of strength on account of panchdha maitri in shodash varga .
  4. It is normalized on a scale of 20 .
  5. anything above 15 points gives extraordinary results
  6. lesser gives ordinary results.
  7. results proportionately increase if away from the sun .
  8. Planets away from the sun are brightest.
  9. so a result will carry brilliance and be noticed by others only when planet is farthest from sun.
  10. When nearer to sun , the planet’s brilliance is overshadowed by Sun and hence technically planet is invisible so are the results.
  11. Closer to sun Planet gets astangata [combust], this is kopa avastha.
  12. results are frustration on account of underperformance ,underachievement .This is inspite of having talent promised by vimsopaka bala.
  13. Contrarily when farthest from sun, planet is retrograde ,is brightest and hence even if planet has scant strength ,owing to retrogression ,it is visible and noted by the people and appreciated.[a launch of son of superstar , even if film flops he is promoted and made to take note of]
  14. retrogression also increases chesta bala, ie much efforts are made to get success.
  15. Normal planets give results by the rule of three.[trirashika]



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