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Abhramam Bhangarahitam Ajadam Vimalam sada ! Anandteerthamatulam Bhaje tapatrayapaham!!

  • Madhvacharya is the incarnation of LORD HANUMAN .[MukhyaPrana] .
  • What is the purpose of this Avatar?
    Eternally evil and good [tamasic jeevas and satvik jeevas ] are at loggerheads.Tamasic jeevas continue their dwesha sadhana ,birth after births and satvik souls progress in Bhakti sadhana birth after births .
  • Tamasic souls initially in the SATYA yuga,due to yuga prabhava , also tend to do good and acccumulate lot of punya . In the tretayuga these acquire merits to get good births , but as dharma is on three legs , there is scope for some mischief and adharma within limits.So most of the tamasic souls resort to adharma in an inhibited manner . This is not liked by the God .Tamasic souls as long as they are inhibited , they are not entitled to being killed . only uninhibited sinning entitles one to killing . Thus God and [Mukhyaprana ] enact a plan , they send their own man [devotee] Ravana to go berserk with uninhibited crimes . All the tamasic souls [given their nature to sin] allign and group themselves under Ravana .Declare him as their King ,inspired by his uninhibited prowess. Now Lord and Hanuman [This is first Avatar] came down as Vanar and finished entire rakshasa clan gathered under Ravana in one single go.
    Round 2:
    All the Rakshasas gather and decide ,why are they always defeated by Lord Vishnu and killed .Now if only Lord Vishnu does not interfere ,then Its purely Rakshasas and Devatas . Devatas are very emotional people , so if we are all born as their relatives then there will be no stopping for us and we can freely sin. [So think Rakshasas and take birth as brothers uncle and relatives of Devatas] all are born as Kshatriyas. Krishna did not fight , Bheemasena[ second Avatar] and Arjuna killed all the relatives [with the effect of Bhagavadgeeta by Krishna ] without mamatva[me and mine ] .
    This strategy of Rakshasas failed .Krishna and Bheema won again in Dwaparayuga.
    Round 3:
    Rakshasas gathered at the Meru top and discussed , why does Lord favour Devatas and good people ? Because these people pray him through the teachings of Vedas and Puranas .
    What if these are misled from the path of God .[Lord will automatically stop his grace towards these good people as they faulter] .
    So what is the way to faulter good people from righteousness ? Just misinterpret the meaning of vedas and puranas . Just let it be shown that they actually mean nothing , they are all false [mithya] etc.Such misinterpretation is only possible and believable if it comes from the mouth of Sanyasis and Learned Bramhins and other influential people.So all the Rakshasas took birth in Kaliyuga as Bramhins and religious teachers and established many philososphies and misinterpreted vedas puranas and other shastras to suit the ways of sinning. Kaliyug as it were, the tendency of sinning is natural ,as dharma is only on one single leg. Also Gautam rishi had cursed all the Bramhins and learned to lose their learnings in the beginning of the KAliyuga . Aiding all these, many ways of reaching God concept ; gained popularity and people at large got deluded from the actual path of Sanatan dharma and many alternate ways of life emerged. This lead to fall of Yagnya ,dharma, karma and other vedic ways of life.
  • Everywhere a new teacher gave sermons on a new interpretation to Vedas . The world was pushed into Chaos.
    Slowly people lost faith in the dharma and became athiests by the onslaught of CHarvaak and other materialistic philosophies. Slowly absence of God [Nirishwar waada ] also gained strength. When world was reeling under this situation , All the devatas requested Lord Vishnu to re-establish the real meaning of Vedas. Lord has no Avatar in the Kaliyuga ,thus Mukhyaprana came down as Madhvacharya [ Moolaguru Jagadguru third avatar ] to dispel the misinterpreation of Vedas and establish the correct Dharma and ways of reaching GOD.
    This is known as Tattvavada.
    HE showed the lapses and lacuna in all the 21 prevalent interpretations of vedas and established Madhva Sidhdhanta through profound pramanas [proofs] .
  •  And thus even in the third round of VAagyudhdha [war of words] Devatas emerged victorious.
    The satvik found the right path to Moksha.
  • Na Madhava samo Devo ,Na Madhva samo Guru
    !! Acharya Srimadacharya Santu me Janma Janma ni!!
  • There is no God equal to or Greater than Madhav and no teacher like Madhva ! Let Acharya Srimadaanandateertha be my guru in this birth and birth after birth.

Today is Madhva Navami .By the grace of Shri  SarvagnyaAcharya  I have completed 100 posts . Hope readers are benefiting from these writings . Let us all take blessings of the great Guru to achieve Grace of Lord Narayana.

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