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Vedanta In Computer Science

  • Second lord mercury exalted , saturn in gopuramsha or jupiter in simhasanamsha , the native will become a Vedantagnya;
  • Jupiter in kendra or trikona aspected by mercury or venus , saturn in paravatamsha , one inspects Vedata shatra .
  • jupiter in kendra , venus in uttamamsha in kendra and chandra in devalokamsha , native becomes vedantagnya .

Operating system is the crucial ingerdient of the Computer . OS or Kernel  fors the foundation over which a computing task is accomplished in a machine . OS resides in the Computer , to  a outer world it is invisible , it stays in a realizable form to the students of Computer science , for all others its magic at work .

  • OS is in the form of KNowledge and is the King that commandes the resources of the computer .
  • Every Other ingredient is subservient to this KIng and It has a final say in all the activities of the Computer .
  • The other softwares can run on the computer but has to obey the dictum of OS and has to depend on the OS for its execution .
  • At any given Time OS has  greater say than the tertiary software , and directs the resources to be allocated to the software as per its capacity and requirement from time to time.

Now philosophy [ ADvaita ]

  • Both OS and other softwares are of same type [ AS ATMA &  PARAMATMA are of same type ]
  • All softwares are similar and mere set of instructions of similar types inherent to CPU  and hence one .
  • Difference is in the worldly terms but from CPU point of view they all are similar and infact one only one .
  • Both reside in the same place ie at any given point of time instruction that is being executed in the processor [CPU] cannot be distinguished whether it is of OS or OF soaftware , its just a instruction for the processor and processor irrespectively executes it . [ Thus the original form of Software , whether OS or ANy Application is in the form of a set of instructions common to both , thus they can be declared as same ]
  • As execution is independent and common to both apps and OS , the delineation of a task is external manifestation and is mithya [ of local consequences only ] , inreality from CPU point of view , it makes no difference whether OS is operating or Application is running .
  • Certain specialized  application when given access to higher resources of the Computer , can act akin to OS and infact merge as a enhancement to OS [ when written in assemby modules ]
  • Thus a application is subservient OS as long as it feels as an application , if it realizes that it is equal to OS in form and perspective , it can gain access  to higher resouces of Architecture and merge with OS .
  • So as ATMA [application] realizes that it is infact Paramatma [OS] [ AHAM BRAMHASMI] it can merge into the OS [ BRAMHA] .

Dvaita philosophy

  • Both OS and Appliation Software are unique and different [ ATMA and PARAMATMA are different and unique ]
  • Though they are made up of similar knowledge instructions , Apllication software is subset of OS [ Bimba pratibimba]
  • Difference is not only in the worldly terms but also there is Difference as OS is superior and has complete control of application layers
  • All other softwares are also unique and different .
  • The superiority of OS is visible and to the experience of us all as OS if busy in other activity , application does not show result [ karma is not accomplished as per desire]
  • Though OS and apps instruction set and only one instruction at a given point resides CPU , [ it becomes difficult to identify whether CPU is executing OS or application ] such a overlap exists but OS retains its superiority  through Clock and control circuitry .
  • At no point can Application override a perfect OS .
  • EVen if Application realizes the presence of OS and go according to its allocation of resorces , all it can expect is better resources and smooth execution and priority from OS . But never can it equal OS .
  • Even after such prioritisation [ due to frequent execution and presence in good books ; prefetch] it still remains subservient to OS .
  • So Atma is never equal to Paramatma and always remains subservient to HIM .
  • If aplication tries to gain access to higher resources , for which it is not eligible , it is either termed as VIRUS[ tamoyogya] or the computer crashes , with OS opting to preempt the software .
  • Sometimes such crahses can be ireversible [ Andhatamas] .
  • BUt in all cases OS remains the KING , before , and thereafter too .


Computer Science , Vedanta & logic[ TARKA SHASTRA]

If sun or mars are second lord aspected by Jupiter or Venus in vishesha amshas one becomes adept at TARKA shastra . when not in vishesha amshas , people usually dabble in computer programming .

Similarly Jupiter or Venus as second lord aspected by sun or mars  in mooltrikona or own house gives one mastery in TARKA shastra .

Given the large number of people working in the IT industry , it has to be concluded that combination of Jupiter ,Venus with either sun or mars gives indulgence with computers .

I consider computer science as pure logic . Its enumeration and developments follow the usual theorems in TARKA shastra . In fact TARKA shastra elaborates even better models then what is currently available in the raw  field of Computing .

One of the interesting fields in the realm of Computer vision is ” Virtual reality ” . Virtual reality is slowly gripping the society although its current applications is limited to games and war simulation , This fascinating world of Virtual Reality  ultimately triggers a greater debate on philosophy and especially Vedanta as practiced in INDIA .

Let us first understand the term Virtual Reality . Virtual and reality are mutually contradicting terms . What is virtual cannot be real and what is Real cannot be attributed  Virtuality . But computers boast pf achieving the marriage between Virtual and real . How ?

In the the field of simulation , all the real world objects can be simulated onto a software driven platform [ platform can be video , laser ,or 3 D models ]. With a specialised glasses , user experience can be enhanced to give rich feeling of Virtual world as seen through gasses .Or alternatively User can be seated in an auditorium with a giant screens and acoustics surrounding him  ,transporting him into a virtual world .

  • This world is simulated
  • Objected in this world are created through software
  • They follow the algorithms of the software in their behaviour and interaction
  • The software assumes certain  mathematical models depicting human behaviour .
  • The whole world inside the podium [ video , auditorium etc ] are interactive and event driven .
  • Your own self can be simulated through what is popularly known today as *Avatar*
  • This avatar of yours can trigger live feeds[ drive events , initiate interaction ] through sensors attached to your fingers , limbs and other body parts .
  • With binoculars on your eyes , and sensors to limbs your avatar can be seen by you and controlled by you in the Virtual World .
  • Your avatar acts as you say , as move and feel to interact with the virtual surroundings of the simulation .
  • Slowly as the simulation progresses , you become a part of it
  • You get engrossed into it .
  • You get identified attached to your avatar /
  • The life led by avatar , is the virtual life that you lead
  • The happiness and unhappiness of avatar is what you experience as emotions while viewing the avatar interact .
  • As your involvement increases , you mistake the whole process and experience  as a Reality 
  • Your involvement is more if you are not allowed to blink .momentary blinking may give self consciousness .
  • In a movie theatre people get engrossed by identifying with a character , here your own self is character ,so involvement is more almost inseparable .
  • When Identities merge
  • Thus it becomes a Virtual reality
  • Now The philosophy :

    Advaita Vedanta [ By Sankara and others]

    1. The avatar is not real .
    2. The experiences are false
    3. As the game is over [ ie as you come out of the auditorium , or remove your glasses ,binoculars etc ] , you have gained nothing or lost nothing . C’ mon it was just a game .
    4. The experience of happiness and unhappiness was owing to your excessive attachment to the avatar .
    5. As long as you felt the avatar as your real self and not mere body , you have feeling of happiness and unhappiness , the moment your mind is conscious that your self is not the avatar , its just a simulation , you cease to identify with it and happenings of pleasure and pain of the character are no longer bother you .
    6. So leave attachment by conscious practice of the knowledge that it was Virtual and not Real .
    7. Such complete consciousness of the fact that this is not real saves you from misery .

    Dvaita Vedanta .[ By Madhvacharya and Sri Raghavendra swamy]

    1. Avatar is manifestation and real
    2. The experiences are a reality and truth
    3. As the game is over, the lesson learnt and memories of experiences are still real . It was just not a game , there was a higher purport in the formulation of the game .
    4. Though the experience was owing to the attachment of self to the avatar [ dehabhimana] , yet the happiness and unhappiness owing to pain and pleasure of the avatar was real and experienced by the self .
    5. Though the knowledge of self being different from the body [ avatar ] helps in mitigating the pain to some extent yet it does not relieve one from the experiences of pain and pleasure as long as the game continues . If without the master’s blessing such  a state is not possible because the show goes on and we are a part of it willingly or unwillingly , so better to gain master blessings to gain pleasure and equanimous leading of life by avatar . mere liberation from the attachment to pain and pleasure does not gives an understanding of purport of the game/show. One cannot live a vegetable life by being indifferent to pleasure and pain , without purpose .
    6. Goal is not defined or gained by the knowledge that it was Virtual and not real , But by accepting it as real and different from self , happiness is achieved in the form of grace of MASTER running the show.
    7. Accepting it as virtual may relieve temporarily from the misery of avatar , but gives rise to misery of wasting time into the virtual world without knowing the purport . BY ignoring the presence of MASTER and his designs we are self and its purpose and end up in destruction of self . on the contrary by accepting the reality and the designs of nature [ software simulations] and its creator is known and an relationship unfolds with the Creator and his purpose. Thus a new beginning of self awareness is achieved.

    krishnarpana .

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