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VENUS MARS combination -a compilation !

Venus is a lovely planet in astrology , it is a planet of pleasures ! Most novice astrologers are pessimistic in predictions when they see a afflicted Venus in a horoscope .Affliction to venus especially by mars , i would not be surprised if every astrologer would hesitate to give a clean chit to the subject , in a hush hush tone he would like to suggest a extramarital affair or break in relationship or troubled marriage to the native !  This study consumed a greater part of my life all the more because my both parents have fifth lord {son}venus and fifth house exalted , my wife has seventh lord{husband } venus in peak , my brother in law has exalted venus [ his fifth ie seventh from 11th lord {elder sister’s husband } ] , my son has ninth lord [father ] venus in mooltrikona myself though do not have exalted venus[ according to suryasiddhant my venus is in moolatrikona ] but venus is  most strongest planet in kendra in my  horoscope making me a Venusian in all aspects .My entire two generation  above in my family each and every member[ all the siblings of my mother ] has an exalted venus , some afflicted some clean . One thing was common in them[ people having exalted venus ] is  their quality of living and sense perceptions were optimal , they are extremely beauty conscious , there is an extreme appreciation for anything artistic and their choice of objects of desire were too selective and standardized as if borrowed from character of epics or novels .

every abstract aura stimulated them ! Shuchi being prominent ingredient in their daily life . People who might have spent time among these exalted venus will definitely not miss one thing that these people leave a long lasting impact on the psyche of the people around them . Their interaction will throw up an array of like and dislikes , which would be found wanting in a person of non venus exalted , ie the comparison will be too evident to the naked eyes . In nutshell people who might have interacted with venus exalted natives will find fault with other interaction in their life as that experience will never be found with others except for another venus exalted person .

Venus in exaltation even if afflicted does not give malefic results . In general Affliction of venus with mars should be carefully delineated with other combinations especially in shadvargas and only then malefic results should be attributed because many a venus affllicted natives have been seen to lead  a happy conjugal life . Certain questions do arise in minds of astrologers while learning viz

  • venus is karaka for wife
  • venus is karaka for passion
  • venus is karaka for potency
  • venus is karaka for sexual tendencies
  • venus is karaka for veerya
  • venus is karaka for objects of happiness

So does affliction of venus gives perversion ?

does perverted people get perverted wife ?

does affliction denote affliction to potency ?

does affliction denote lesser passion or lesser accumulation of objects of happiness ?

Its very difficult to analyse these all by mere logic and intelligence ! let us resort to classics on these .

We shall restrict our compilation to affliction by mars alone .

What does parashara say on this ?

venus conjunct mars or aspected by mars in any house will give loss of spouse in its dasha .

venus in exchange of house with mars in shadvargas or in ekamsa with mars only then creates perversion .

Brihatjatak says :

Venus mars conjunction makes one a GOpalaka [ owner of cattle ] if lesser in strength then one who supervises cattle .

he may become  a wrestler , a driver of boat vessel streamer , an able administrator or a club owner where gambling and betting is revenue model .

thirdly he says parayuvatirata: – one who will cohabit other women !

if we literally take this as dictum then all drivers of water bourne  vehicles , wrestlers , diary owners cattle breeders and able administrators definitely will cohabit other women .

Just as the dictum cannot make every venus mars combination a driver administrator or wrestler all at the same time . some may become drivers others may become wrestlers , yet others may become administrators . One may not become the other in his entire lifetime . So also all these cannot become adulterers !

So what is it that differentiates these services ? one must look into other combinations . so also for fructification of venus mars adultery some more confirmatory test are necessary !

Let us further see how venus mars gives varied results in different bhavas .

  1. kapha roga/dosha , unsuccessful ventures , cheat others , ungrateful , a successful offspring \
  2. artistic
  3. good qualities , pilgrimage , upright character , professional artist
  4. very handsome , artistic
  5. inimical, insulted, hates bramhins
  6. other women , shackled in love of prostitutes , sinful , wicked , no learnings
  7. frequently spurned by women , severe wounds [cancerous ] , schematic
  8. enthusiasm to do kukarma , deceitful, inappropriate expenses
  9. beautiful physique , atithipriya , pleasing personality , head of the family , cultured .
  10. very modest , large palacial house , build shrines , dhandhanya samriddhi
  11. religious , will undertake vows and deeksha , well read , attain higher post , close confidant and loyal trustee of king
  12. alpadhani , son troublesom , miser , sick, ungrateful .

In most of the places the reference to perversion is absent except in sixth and other malefic houses .

Lets also examine how aspect of mars affects venus in various houses .

  • ARIES -SCORPIO [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS  – bereft of happiness ,honor ,and money , pitiable condition and excessively shabby
  • VRISHABH-TULA [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will not be happy with his house , troubled in getting accomodation , always in some disputes
  • MITHUN-KANYA [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will have good wife , highly expert in kaamshastra , will spend huge fortune on his women
  • CANCER [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will have excess training in vocal and music and dance , will  win over enemies , will achieve happiness through his intelligence [ alternatively will think too much about happiness only in mind ] , always in troubled state of mind wrt women .
  • LEO[VENUS] ASPECTED BY MARS – will be liked by kings and employed by them , will have abundant grains and gains , will be addicted to women due to uncontrolled passion .
  • DHANUR-MEENA[VENUS] ASPECTED BY MARS –  enemies will not withstand his prowess , rich , happy , madly adored by womenfolks [ female fanfollowing] , will acquire punya and do acts of dharma , will have excellent vehicle .
  • MAKAR-KUMBHA[VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will be extremely fatigued by heavy work load and diseases , will lose money on account of treachery or dubious people . will have always some disease pertaining to mind due to unfulfilled desires .

As a second lord venus being in second if aspected by mars makes one a good logician .

So as we can see there are many good results that venus and mars combination bestows on the native . only in malefic houses does the malefic results occur , if these are aspected by benefics then malefic results do not occur ,  And venus in meena aspected by any malefic gives only good results .

krishnarpanamastu .

Venus -The Bhargava Manmath Mohini

  • Shukra is a planet that encompasses all the emotions of a man on the earth.
  • The Shukracharya [presiding diety for the planet] is a great rishi and exhibits all kinds of knowledge .
  • He is daitya guru . But Param vaishnava.He is first to invent Mrut sanjeevani Vidya [ giving life to dead]
  • Venus is the planet that imparts beauty with lustrous hair .[ Rukmini devi had a beautiful curly hair]
  • Venus also gives warrior like nature.
  • Parashurama is the Vishnu rupa that arises out of Venus .
  • Parashurama killed all the kshatriyas on the earth not once but 21 times . 
  • So Venus is also a violent planet.
  • Venus gives great urge for knowledge because its father is sage Brighu ,the ultimate in knowledge.
  • Without the blessings of Bhrigu no knowledge can be mastered in this world.
  • Venus is known as Bhargav
  • Venus is the most sensuous planet
  • Kaamdev is the manifestation in Venus .one who stirs the heart of the people is known as Manmath
    • People can stay calm and unnerved and controlled when their Mann[mind] is still .
    • When this mind whirls due to churning  [mathan] ,one loses self control and is infatuated and yearns for a mate . The very presence of Manmath ,churns ones heart ,wherecome then the senses listen . Manmath is specially present in darkness of night , on the bosom of a woman , in the vicinity of jasmine ,mango leaves ,full moon night and picturesque view of mountains ,forests ,lakes and gardens. Thus these arouse passion in the man. But even this manmath looses his senses before Rati , who is responsible for this [ of course lord Narayana who is sakshat Manmath Manmath. one who churns the heart of Manmath]
    • But the same Manmath can also become ferocious like Skanda [avatar of Manmath, the great commander of Devatas]
    • Shiva under the influence of Venus mated with Parvati for a 1 lakh year .The retas became so hot and energetic due to prolonged mating that it became golden in colour and Parvati unable to bear it gave it to krittikas , thus ferocious Kartikeya was born.Venus gives rise to Martial nature.
  • Same venus [Manmatha] can be very obedient Bharath .
  • Venus also gives rise to innocence and  Vairagya seen in Bharath ,Sanat kumar , Samba [all avataras of MAnmath]
    • Venus is a poet [Kalidasa]
    • Venus is also an Astrologer [Sahadev].
    • Venus strongly placed in horoscope automatically makes one a good daivagnya [Jyotishi]
    • Kalidasa  in uttarakalamrita says  Venus in saturn antardasa exhibits its virakta swabhava [withdrawal tendencies ]
    • Narada was a great poet but also a virakta.
  • Venus in kendra exalted gives  Mahapurush yoga .
    • Kings born in this yoga are handsome ,great warriors ,excellent administrators , knowledged and excellent singers [ King Vikram of ujjain appeases Shani with rare exposition of Deepak Raga]
  • So Venusians exhibits all the qualities that are there in this world .
  • And no planets gives enjoyments akin to Venus.
  • It gives the great intoxication of the self Ahankara to the Souls due to abundance of joys
  • Shiva is the adhipati for Ahankara ,
  • Shiva is Ashvaththama as Ahankara
  • Venus as learned and Angry in shiva gives Durvasa
  • But same Shiva can be most calm and serene and Viraktha as Shuka muni.
  • Lagnadhipati if weak and aspected by Venus and moon attains sanyasa in the later years of the life.

During samudra manthan when Amruta came up , Devatas and Rakshasas started fighting for it . But Amrut was meant only for Devatas as per the wishes of Narayana . One who partook Amrut he became immortal and rakshas if immortal would create havoc in the universe. So to delude Rakshasa from Amrut[nectar] Narayana took the Form of Mohini , one of the most beautiful female forms of Narayana , a 16 years damsel who could get everyone yearning for her beauty .

Rakshasa as they were lechers by nature lost their senses and asked Mohini to distribute nectar for them. Mohini in all her beautiful and youthful peak , suggested that she would feel shy at the peircing glances of rakshas [who could just not take their eyes off her beauty even for blinking] , thus everyone must close their eyes and she would pour the nectar in each one’s palm . Demons agreed and Devatas also agreed.

So Devatas and Demons formed a row and Mohini out of her maya created two pitchers ,one with original Amrit and other with sweet water . Amrit she gave it to Devatas , just water to Demons , who drank it out of their ill senses.

Shiva was lying unconscious due to consuming of Poison [halahal]that had just emanated  before Amrit , his neck had become deep blue and thus he came to be known as NEELKANTHa .

He could not witness the Mohini rupa of Narayan. Having heard the beauty of the Mohini , he pleaded Narayana to show him his beautiful rupa once again. Narayana asked him to come next morning alongwith his wife parvati .

When Shiva came to Vishnus abode , having a look at the Mohini he lost all his control he just embraced her in passion even when Parvathi was present. Narayana smilingly brings back Shiva into his senses.

This is the same Shiva who had burnt Manmath to ahses when he tried to disturb the tapasya . But such a controlled Shiva who had won Manmath , lost to the MANMATH MANMATH shriman Narayana.


Pati ,Patni aur Jyotish-[Husband,wife and Astrology]

One of the astrological principle is , if the two people involved have friendly moon signs or ascendants , they become good friends, relationship between them is harmonious and happy. According to astrology seventh sign is that which describes wife.Seventh lord if it is friendly to ascendant lord then husband and wife will be coherent. But strangely no sign in astrology has its seventh as a friendly sign.

  1. Aries < libra         neutral/neutral
  2. taurus <scorpio     neutral/neutral
  3. gemini <saggittarius enemy/enemy
  4. cancer<capricorn  neutral/enemy
  5. leo <     aquarius   enemy/enemy
  6. virgo<pisces          enemy/enemy

thus we can see nowhere freindship is found between the two signs showing this relationship can never be friendly and harmonious except when aries /libra taurus/scorpio pair have in their respective horoscopes ,venus and mars within four signs .This would make them temporary friends , and man woman can have very happy life. Incidentally , aries /scorpio is ruled by mars and libra /taurus belongs to venus. So it is only venus and mars pairs that can get happy in a marriage , all others brave a at the most neautral realtionship with either one of them dominating. This is perhaps a great balance levered by God to induce a person to seek other world , else man would never ever want to leave this world , when he is happy with his wife . He would like to have his time freeze forever . So what are a happy marriage combinations?

  1. seventh lord exalted in kendra
  2. aspect of jupiter on seventh house
  3. arudha lord and upapada lord in mutual angles
  4. jupiter in second from upapada
  5. jupiter and moon in seventh from  karkamsa
  6. Venus exalted/own house in other than seventh.
  7. venus seventh lord and seventh in Navamsa well disposed.

moon in the seventh house gives shy and soft spoken wife . Sun gives wife who is always ready to pack bags to her mother’s house.mars gives a short tempered wife.mercury gives  a clever and communicative  wife.Jupiter gives a pious ,knowledged and well mannered wife.venus gives a voluptous wife with very attractive features but spoils happiness in  married life . saturn gives if placed well  a religious wife ,if otherwise a sickly woman,if afflicted, an elder woman as wife.

Mars in seventh and fourth if unaspected by jupiter shortens  marital  life. Saturn denies marriage. Saturn with venus , aspect of saturn on seventh or rahu in seventh delays marriage. association of ketu with venus or seventh brings many obstacles in marriage. A  good wife indicates a person also enjoys good food . If somebody has abundance of Ghee and butter it indicates he will invariably marry a good girl . Those who eat in golden plates marry well. Those who are happy in marriage are also successful in transactions, travels,and almost always recover lost wealth. Marriages happen only by the will of destiny, when marriage yoga occurs irrespective of time, position and wealth ,marriages takes place. Like Draupadi marrying unknown, ordinary appearing, men ; who had won her swayamvar.

King Drupad worried as to who had won the hand of his daughter, sent his son Dhrustadhyumna to spy on the Pandavas in disguise.(Pandavas were thought as dead in Laksha graha , their last rites were also performed ) .Dhrushtdhyumna finds that these men, though looking like ordinary people, were speaking extraordinarily and their gaits were kingly ,yet they were wearing a dress of brahmins, but living like ordinary peasants. to test them Drupad prepares four houses suitable for four castes.

  1. one with all the stores of articles for homa and yagnya
  2. second with arms and the articles of  weaponry
  3. third full of wealth/cattle
  4. last full of grains and pots

pandavas enter second one ,giving immense pleasure to Drupad ,who asks why they were living a simple life when they were kshatriyas. To this Yudhistira replied “oh King you had not declared swayamwar only for kshatriyas ,ordinary men could also take part. Now are you repenting that? ”

Then Yudhistira told they were pandavas ,to give immense pleasure to Drupad. Though a King, Pandavas married everytime they were either in exile or forest, in ordinary circumstances.

One should marry good people ,giving preference to the qualities rather than pomp and show. King Manu gave away his daughter  to a Hermit in the forest ,after he came to know that he was the best in the qualities, instead of giving his daughter to a prince. Princess served her husband for many years in forest without having any  pleasure since rishi was engaged in penace . Both grew older and when rishi realised he had not given any happiness to his wife ad they had got older now , he acquired youth through penace for both himself and wife and enjoyed bodily pleasures for hundred thousand years by creating palaces , gardens, rivers through his mystical powers. and in the process creating the entire clan of human mankind. Thus is told the story of first man and woman who procreated manyfolds thus fortifying the belief of MANU.


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