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Chandra navamsa Rasi

Once there lived a great saint by the name Vijayeendra teertha in the kingdom of tanjore in Kumbhakonam as the mathadipathi of Sriman moolRamchandra  samsthana. Shri Vijayeendra is guru of Shri Sudheendra teertha ,who in turn is the guru of Shri RAghavenedra Swamy of Mantralayam. So much is the influence of personality of shri Vijayeendra on the devotees that even in Shri Raghavendra stotra [ religiously recited by MAdhvas] ,the poet describes Shri Raghavendra  as ” Vijayendra karabjothra Sudheendra varaputraka:” ,this mention emphasizes the magnanimous personality of Vijayeendra teertha.

It is neccesary to remind that the period was one of peaks of Vijaynagar empire and people were stupendously prosperous and only pursuit that was rendered great was that of culture and learning.

Note : when every citizen is full and prosperous , where there is no poverty and everyone is rich then what would be the persuit of human being ? Men are known to excel each other , today when wealth is paramount because it is ill distributed ,its owners defy all the logic to reinforce their superiority . But when wealth becomes a common factor among citizens , all desired are easily accessible , then the humans pursue arts . Those who are well versed in different arts are given prominence and wealth takes a backseat.

Arts comes by learning and sadhana .There are 64 types of arts , the prosperity is reflected in how many arts a particular person knows .Everyone in that era had one or two arts well practised and the best were those who exhibited their arts and learnings in an extraordinary way.

Shri Vijayeendra had openly declared himself as the master of 64 arts and dared people to challenge him and win over him if they can . Thus the era marked various people challenging him in various fields, Vijayeendra won over singers like Tansen and his disciples with rendering of deepak raga and meghmalhar simultaneously causing fire and rain . He defeated gymnasts by walking between two temples on a rope made of single strand of beetle bark , tied between the top of a kalash of city temples , with a kamandalu and umbrella . This is laghima sidhdhi .

One day a famous astrologer came to the city to challenge the Swamiji . The swamiji asked the astrologer to write down the incidents that is going to happen the next day in a closed envelop. Both of them wrote down.

The next day there was a great gathering in th town and King of Tanjore had also come down to witness the great challenge.The king initially paid obesance to the Swamiji and gave hima felicitation and did abhisheka with all sorts of precious stones [ratna abhisheka] and also gave royal welcome to the astrologer .The envelops were opened by the Royal ministers. Astrologer wrote , Shri VIjayeendra teertha swamiji will be felicitated by a king through ratna abhisheka . Then another envelope was opened written by Swamiji . Shri Vijayeendra teerth wrote as “The Astrologer will be given royal welcome and this envelop be opened , astrologer will get a good news of birth of son through a messenger .”

Just then a messenger forced through the mob and gave the astrologer the message of birth of a son to him .The astrologer was very very happy and prostrated before Swamiji and conceded that swamiji was greater astrologer.


Chandra navamsa rashi plays a very important role in a ones life . if it is associated with good planets good future is indicated. if it is afflicted bad future can be predicted.

  • Jupiter in chandra navamsa rashi gives birth of son
  • Jupiter in debilitation will give quarrels with bramhins
  • Venus in chandra navamsa rasi gives fresh clothes and happiness from women
  • mercury gives success in litigation
  • fullmoon denotes beautiful things
  • sun causes anger of rulers and gods
  • mars causes unnecessary struggles and litigation due to lands
  • saturn destroys produce and diseases to cattle and difficulties to servants
  • rahu gives trouble from poison,serpents
  • ketu gives trouble from ghosts
  • gulika gives troubles from spells and casts
  • weak moon gives mental worry
  • afflicted mercury gives failure in court cases.
  • results will come in as many months as the number of navamsa
  • from moon
  • or from lagna traversed or gained.


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