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Dasha vichara !

  1. Dasha graha if it is in kendra to lagna and 2-5-8-11 to moon will give auspicious results . if in kendra to moon as well will give medium results
  2. Dasha lord’s exaltation sign and own sign or friend’s sign , if in these signs moon is posited or moon is in 3-5-7-9-10-11 from dasha lord then the bhava in which moon is placed its good results will also be experienced .
  3. If dasha and bhukti lords if they are  friends good results will flow , if enemies difficulties will be experienced .
  4. dasha and bhukti lords if they are in shashtashtaka or dwirdwadasha then there will be fall in respect and post . [ padachyuti] .especially if one the planets is in mars saturn rahu ketu stars .
  5. moon with sun mars or rahu and ketu or in their stars  will give many mental disturbances .
  6. if dasha and bhukti lords both are in chara signs or have sambandha of 6-10 lords than there will be change of place .
  7. dasha lord or bhukti lord if they own 22nd drekkana and be placed in vrushabha 3rd drekkana or kanya middle drekkana or tula first drekkana then there will be fall from high place
  8. There will abortions if dasha bhukti lords have evil aspects on 5-9 rasi or navamsa
  9. if 2-10 th lord have good aspects dasha lord then there will rise promotion in the dasha bhukti
  10. there will be distant travels if 7-9 lord have any aspect or conjunction with the dasha bhukti lords
  11. dasa lord with good aspect to 10th lord and if in gochara there is  budha guru or shukra in lagna than there will be rise in power and promotion
  12. if there is sixth house link to the dasa bhukti lord and sixth lord transits the lagna or 10 th lord house there will misunderstanding with the boss , memos or mental stress atwork place .
  13. if dasha and bhukti lord being 3rd lord has any connection with 10th brings about change in place transfers etc .
  14. dasa and bhukti lord is 9-10th lord then life will flourish
  15. Retrograde planets gives its results through the dasa for as many years as it takes days to get into normal motion , one day equals one year .
  16. Yogkarak planet if it is in good nakshatra like own nakshatra or benefic nakshatra  life will be rosy with much respect and wealth .
  17. bhukti lord if it is in 3rd-6-8-12  lord star  or in aspect to 2-7 th lord or badhak lord , if the said planet is in malefic conjunction in navamsa or debilitated in navamsa than there will loss of respect , loss of land , insult , and obstructions in the work is seen .
  18. Bhukti lord gives its result in cohesion with the star lord in which he is posited , ie sun bhukti if it is in moons’ star will give revolutionary thoughts ,in mars star it will give destructive thoughts , mercury will give respectful or thoughts leading to fame . jupiter star gives helping nature , venus will give fame through qualities and also wealth through talent , saturn shows hard toil .
  19. bhukti lord mars in mercury star gives less money more work , jupiter star gives power , venus will give below par living , saturn will give struggle
  20. bhukti lord mercury in jupiter star will live  a intellectual life , venus star will live for higher purpose , saturn star will give alternate profession or unconventional way
  21. bhukti lord jupiter in venus star earnings will be from religious institutions , in saturn star will give dual profession
  22. bhukti lord venus in saturn star life will start after the marriage .
  23. …………………….to be continued …………………………


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