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Mathematical quantizing in spiritual pursuits !

Mathematics is everywhere !

Madhwacharya has given Mathematical gradation to apply for various limbs of  sadhana

shouch asan pranayama vairagya ahinsa satya asteya bramhacharya tapas tushTi , each is greater than previous one

in this shaouch and asan are NOT SEPARATELY counted as DHARMA [ they only aid dharma ]
so doing Yogasan with twisted arms legs early in the morning sweating and spending hours to do this asan that asan DOES not give any PUNYA .. it is just deha shrama [ physical strain ]

MADHWACHARYA says ” Shouchasane tvangamatram na pruthak DHARMakaaraNam”

who can start practising YOGA ?
one who has completed SHRAVANA mANANA nidhidhyasan.
so initially one who KNOWS nothing he should only indulge in SHRAVAN listening to right and wrong and Vishnu sarvottamtava gyana FROM a good guru .

without knowing anything one who does manana he falls victim to vipareet gyana

after listening if one does not do manan soon he will forget everything .
manan should be under supervision ONLY

after manana when doubts have been set to rest ONE must do DHYAN
not before that .

when one is not able to have complete view of entire concepts in one go it is called KHAND smriti and it is DHarana only

when one can grasp and visualise entire concepts in one go it is called AKHAND smriti this qualifies as DHYAAN

when such prolonged DHYAAN akhand smriti comes effortlessly without prayatna IT is called SAMAADHI

when such SAMAADHi is for exceedingly LONG duration one get APAROXA

Darshan of LOrd without BHAKTI is of no use .

so when one has full BHAKTI in LORD and he is samaadhi then HE gets APAROXA by grace of GOD .
BHAKTI alone is criteria for APAROXA which gives MOXA

without undergoing above steps just doing DHYANA is called halucination

shoucha is given a point of 100 units
Asan is given a point of 200 units

pranayama = 400
vairagya = 800
ahinsa =1600
satya =3200
asteya =6400
bramhacharya =12800
tapas = 25600
tushTi =51200
Gurumukha shastradhyayan =51200 X 10000000
HAripooja [saligrama pooja etc ] = 51200 X 10000000 X infinite

[ infinite is to denote there are infinite ways of TANTRA of doing pooja as much we know that much multiplicative effect we get .. scope is infinite ]

so here depending on YOGYATA and Upadesha one gets “P” = 51200X10000000 X Y[ yogyata ] phala

Dhyan is three times more phala = P X 3

Shastra avalokan = P X 3 X 10

Giving a pravachan = P X 3 X 10 X 10

Giving a Vyakhyana [ writing teeka tippani ] = P X 3 X 10 X 10 X100

Doing Khandan = p X 3 X 10 X 10 X 100 X 10000000

so one can start sadhana for APAROXA when one has amassed

A= 51200 X 10000000 X [ infinite ~ Yogyata ] X 3 X 10 X 10 X 100 X 10000000

A=153600000000000000000000 X [ YOGYATA ]

after this is when sadhana BEGINS .

This is how YAMA evaluates .

Sun-Birth of Ashwini Devatas The celestial Twins

Aditya (sun) was born to Aditi ,the daughter of Daksha prajapati.Aditya was married to Sangya devi ,daughter of Tvashtrva (architect of devatas).Sangya was very beautiful and Sun was very happily living with her. However Sangya finding the heat of Sun as unbearable , one day went back to her father’s house. Father assured that he would reduce the brilliance of his son inlaw in due course ,but it is not wise of chaste woman to leave their husband. So Sangya returned and carried on with Sun, givimg birth to Manu , Yama,and Yami.

But unable to bear Sun’s brilliance , Sangya created her replica ,Chayadevi [who resembled her in appearance] ,went away to forest in Uttara Kuru in the disguise of Mare [female horse] .Chayadevi serving Sun as Sangya (his wife), within one year gave birth to Manu,Sani and Tapti.

However Chaya grew partial towards Sangya’s children and Yama noting this complained to Father . Father showed discern towards Chaya . Chaya out of anger Cursed Yama ,” You lord over the dead ” and to Yami as ” You be a river (yamuna)” . Sensing mother never curses her child , Sun suspected Chaya . Then He found out the truth and cursed Saturn ” You become lame and cruel planet” , Tapati to become the river.

Sun out of his Divyadrishti found out Sangya was roaming in the forest of Kuru as mare , he took the form of Horse and lived with her again in the forest .Thus were born two beautiful horses(twins) Ashwini. Bramha came to the forest and appointed the Ashwini as Physicians of Devatas and offered them a boon of being extremely handsome .

Vishwakarma then prayed Aditya and subsequently he reduced his brilliance to accomodate the growth of civilization on the earth .

This story also gives the philosophical reason behind the results of Sun in seventh house.Sun in seventh house invites seperation from husband in a woman’s horoscope. Sometimes husband abandons the lady. In some cases lady has to compromise as second wife.

Thus this story of birth of Ashwini devatas, narrated by Vyasa ,brings beauty and health to those who listen or reads it.


SriMahalaxmi and Deepavali

Deepavali as celebrated from  Dhanatrayodashi ( ashwayuja  krishna trayodashi) onwards till , Kartika tritiya is the most glamorous festival among all celebrations. On dhana trayodashi people buy gold and other precious articles as a sign of increased prosperity from then onwards day by day. Usually gambling is  prohibited by shastras ,it leads to sin. but on Dhanatrayodashi no sin is incurred by gambling , a symbolic win on this day indicates a profitable year.

Ashwayuja Amavasya Deepavali:this day evening Mahalaxmi is prayed in various forms. Traders pray their accounts book ,close all their dealings and make a fresh start.This day is celebrated with gait and pomp with all relatives. sweets ,gold ornaments,lights,crackers lit up entire country to a huge celebrative mood , refreshing all and everyone.

Bali Pratipada: This day is very auspicious and any work undertaken on this day before evening definitely results in success.This day an oil bath gives rejeunation and dissapearance of all diseases. Lord Vaman appeared on this day sent Bali to Patal Loka and blesses him with the seat of Indra in the next manvantara cycle.This marks the new year for salivahan saka,vikram saka.Offering many deepas(lights) on this day in avali (rows) gives immense punya.

Yama Dwitiya : On this day Yama gave classic sermon on sanctity of brother-sister relationship .He preached his sister Yamuna that , Elder brother is like  a father to a sister, there should not be any sexual inclinations towards each other, this marks the highest sanctity in civilization . Instead he should look for an able groom and hand over his sister in marriage. This day sisters pray for long life of brothers invite them to their houses and offer all sweet preparations

Bhagini Tritiya : This day brothers bring their sisters to their own house and celebrate with offering her clothes , sweets, gold,and other things of honour .On this day Yamuna prayed Yama for good progeny and healthy married life.

Dwitiya is a bhadra tithi that keeps everything safe. investments on this day keeps wealth steady . Tritiya is a jaya tithi and to obtain success this day is very apt for gains etc.

Thus deepavali is a string of festivals where Mahalaxmi literally takes a tour of the places where she is worshipped and the effect of glory, prosperity, and wealth and happiness is seen at every doorstep that invites her a with a lamp ,and lamps and rows of lamps. Deep (lamp) Avali (rows).

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