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Yatra in Astrology

Yatra prakaran in astrology consists of knowledge of tithi,day,karan,star,muhurtha,ascendant,yoga,fluttering of body parts(angasphuran),dreams,victory,king’s victory bath,graha yagnya,ganayaga(seven days before travel ) , agnilinga(shape of agni in homa),the postures of elephants and horses,motivation of army,wind,clouds,,rain,etc, shadgunya( sandhi vigraha,yan,aasan,dwaidibhava,sanshraya) and how planets guide them to success and failure , upaya (sama dama bheda danda) and its successfull implementation,auspicious,inauspicious shakun, army’s placement ,colour of fire,qualities of minister, sepoy,diplomat,deployment of tribes,gain of forts. All these comprise Yatra in Astrology.



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