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Planets and Yogas

Yoga means a relationship , Planets have relationship in a horoscope giving rise to good and bad effect. Planets can have following relationship :

  1. exchange of houses
  2. mutual aspect
  3. mutual conjunction
  4. mutual angular placements
  5. mutual trinal placements
  6. mutual conjunction in divisional charts
  7. mutual exchange in divisional charts
  8. mutual  exchange of stars

Houses 1 4 7 10 are Vishnu sthanas, Houses 5 ,9 are Laxmi sthana.when there is a relationship between these two sets of planets ,it gives to raja yoga.People born in this yoga enjoy name and fame . They are leader among their groups. They are born lucky and enjoy success and become wealthy. Those born in royal clan ascend thrones and others become wealthy or influential.People born with certain raja yogas irrespective of birth status become Rulers. It is the planets that make one rule or be subservient to others. It is the planet makes one rise to the heights of the success , or fall to crest of poverty.It is the planets that give happiness and miseries. So propitiate planets to gain peace of mind and prosperity because Bramha has commanded these planets to give peace and solace to those who worship them.


Nabhasa yogas

Dasas in the man’s life keep changing. As the dasas change the life events take a unusual twists and turns . When we are running good dasa , we are happy , reaping good fortune, lucky in everything that we undertake , auspicious events like marriage , birth of son , promotion,association with beautiful people,vacation , awards, construction of anew house,gains ,purchase of vehicles all these events take place. When running bad dasa, we get miseries , illness, misfortunes,leaving for a foreign land ,living miserably there, pennilessness,debts, imprisonment,harassments,abuse,injury,impairment,insult,confinement,burning of house,damage to vehicles,failure in undertaking,losses,taxation,fines,separation from near and dear ,loss of position,loss of kingdom,death etc.

however there are some people we find are always happy all through their lives. Do these dasa don’t affect them ?All  the planets cannot be favorable for a single person! Here is the secret , these people have Nabhasa yogas in their horoscopes. These yogas operate irrespective of dasa . there are 1800 types of nabhasa yogas.

for example if all the planets are in seven signs then veena yoga is formed, a person born in veena yoga will be fond of songs ,dance instruments, happy,wealthy,and a leader among men.

this quality will always be present in this yoga till death giving him riches and happiness irrespective of dasas. Lord’s Creation is very tricky, on one hand every Great king has suffered , some commoners become King but only in a particular phases , showing the ever swinging nature of destiny, Yet there are some who defy everything and keep a happy posture all the time .


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