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18th Day – Lord Krishna resents Yudhishthir

A malefic in the third and kendras makes one put heavy efforts to accomplish the task
Similarly many malefic in tenth shows one has to make Mahaprayatna

After the deat of Karn Shalya and Shakuni ,Duryodhan was very unhappy . Kritavarma , Ashvaththama and Kripacharya were repeatedly troubled by  Bheem and Arjun finally they fled to nearby Forests .

Dhritarashtra send Sanjay to know the welfare of Duryodhan , Satyaki captures Sanjay . Vedvyasa urges to Set free Sanjay . Duryodhan angered runs towards the battlefield all alone . He defeats Sahadev Nakul . With his arrows he hits Arjun hard and Arjun falls unconscious . Then Bheemsen runs after him and destroys his chariot .
Duryodhan mounts a elephant and attacks Satyai , Satyaki fall unconscious . Duryodhan taking a pras weapon attacks Yudisthir . Nakul and sahadev , All hit sit on the chariot motionless . Bheemsen kills the elephant and cuts out Pras . Then Duryodhan mounts a horse as the horse is killed by BHEEMSEN . Duryodhan flees the battlefield and enters Dwaipayan sarovar with his gada .

There in the Dwaipayan pond , he undertakes jalsthambhan . Duryodhan undertakes the japa of mantra given to him by Durvasa muni , This japa if continued for 7 days would bring back from death entire army of the kauravas and they would never die again in battlefield .

Out of 11 akshouhini sena 6 were killed by BHEEM and 5 by Arjun  , whatever was left was killed  by Dhristadhyumna , Gatotkach and Abhimany  Satyaki .other pandavas .  seven akshouhini of PAndavas , three was killed  by Ashwaththama , rest by Bheeshma Drona Karna kritavarma each less than the former .
Panadavas happy about victory went to Dwaipayan sarovar , there Ashwaththama seeing them alongwith Krishna ran away .

krishna ordered Yudhisthir to use harsh language against Duryodhan .
Yudhisthir said come out for a fight , Duryodhan replied , ” You enjoy the Kingdom ” Yudhisthir said Duryodhan you had said not even a size of needle head would be given to PAndavas , now after taking bali of Bheeshma DRona , talking this does not make sense ,we cannot enjoy the kingdom without killing you, I dont think so you are a Kuru born for you are denying war “

Aggravated Duryodhan rose from the water and came to the shore . he said ” yudhisthir , you all are with kavach and armoury and weapons , i have none . still i will fight with you all single handedly ”
Yudhisthir said ” you  will be provided weapons and kavach , and you can choose anyone of us to fight and if you kill anyone of us , rest of us will go to the forest and if you die we will all together rule ” .
duryodhan ‘ Arjun and sahadev nakul and yourself are all too meek to fight with me , Only Bheem is fit for me . I choose a the gada “
Bheemsen takes a gada 1 and half times more heavier than Duryodhan’s gada and fight begins .

Krishna resnts Yudhisthir , says your giving choice to Duryodhan to fight was wrong . If Duryodhan had chosen Arjun , or any other four other than Bheem all these efforts uptill now would have gone waste .
Because the other four are no match for him . Even Bheem would kill him ” somehow “.
Duryodhan  if he holds mace [ gada] none in the three worlds not even Indra and all deities put together can defeat him . This is because he is very ‘nipuna ‘.

Krishna shows utter displeasure towards Yudhisthir .

Many doubts arise with these words of krishna towards Duryodhan . Also to be noted is Duryodhan praises Bheema before fight begins as someone worth fighting . Better than Arjun .

This incident also Shows Krishna rating Bheema higher than Arjun .
Now the doubts ?
Duryodhan is nipun , does that mean Bheem is not nipun or not as nipun as Duryodhan ?

secondly Krishna says Bheem would kill Duryodhan ‘ somehow’? Somehow means  , Does Bheem have to struggle to kill him . or is Bheem not as strong as Duryodhan etc etc .

The answer to this should be contemplated against the background that , Bheem is the strongest has been declared by Krishna and Duryodhan himself in virat prasang also . Krishna while jarasandha episode declares him to be strongest . Also Krishna says Bheem you have many times  more qualities than what you actually think you have .
Vedayasa says There is none equal to Bheemsen in both the armies in terms of strength and knowledge as well .
So it cannot be dismissed that these words  Of krishna meant anythig less wrtr BHEEM.

The word nipuna in terms of Duryodhan is to indicate that , Duryodhan was mahaprayatna shali . Both Duryodhan and Bheem had learnt from Balaram . so only Duryodhan could have been nipun aowing to this training  from balaram .
Nipuna was due to extreme efforts he was putting in practising gada yudha to kill Bheemsen . This mahaprayatna was a plus factor in his favour [ excessive efforts and practise cannot be discounted it is a potent factor ]
Also Duryodhan had a mantrashakti . these factors weighed heavily against arjun and other four to counter Duryodhan .

Bheemsen was he not mahaprayatnashali . was Bheem not putting maximum efforts in his endeavour . No because killing duryodhan was not a very difficult task for Bheemsen . Putting extra extreme efforts on fairly simple tasks is not the quality of Uttam Purush , great personalities .

Bheemsen would kill somehow does not mean with little possibility .
what is meant by it ,Bheem had vowed to break the thighs of Duryodhan . hitting below the navel is adharm in gadyudh .
Now carrying out the Pratignya is more important dharma failure of which will give more adharma vartan [ failure to stick to dharma] if Duryodhan is killed by hitting above the waist , then pratignya will be broken . If he kills by hitting the thigh , then pratignya is upheld but gadayudh niyam will be broken . So without getting into situation of breaking some rule , Duryodhan cannot be killed , so the word somehow is used by the Lord Krishna .


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