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2nd House – Truth Lies And Yudhisthira

  • When second lord and second house is not tenanted by a malefic ,if second lord is in kendra trikona man will always speak truth.
  • If second lord is in the rasi of Saturn or mars with malefic in kendra or trikona ,one will speak lies.
  • If second house and second lord both are with malefics then certainly the native is a liar.

What is Truthful words ?

Shri Krishna says ” Truth is not about saying things as it exists ,as it is seen and heard.” once there was a Bramhin , who never spoke a lie. one day certain bandits were chasing a group of villagers . These villagers came and took shelter in the Bramhins house. Bandits also came by , they asked Bramhin has he seen villagers and where are they? Bramhin showed them the place. The bandits killed all the villagers. Bramhin went to hell. Hell for saying truth. thus

“Na bruyath satyam apriyam” never speak truth that has ill consequences and not dear to good people .

Yudhisthira was the most truthful person on the earth. His chariot was four angul[inches] higher in space during war. This was because he never transgressed Dharma on all four quarters. Krishna asks him to utter a lie that Ashwatthama had died , Yudhisthira refuses to say a lie , Bheemasena kills an elephant named Ashwatthama , and asks his brother to say now Ashwatthama has died ,you can say so. Yudhisthira says Ashwatthama died , and slowly utters the words ‘Elephant’ !

[ his chariot comes down by one angul] why? Surprises Yudhisthira looks at Bheema for explanation .

Bheema says

Speaking truth and all other Dharma are primarily to please God . They independently don’t hold any special place .[or meaning] ,By refusing God’s order you have transgressed Dharma ,thus your chariot has come down

. There is no bigger dharma than following Lord’s dictum.


5th House -Poorvapunya

What is poorva punya?

A man when attains a age of 14 years ,everyday [each day] he performs karma ,which can be exhausted by enjoying or suffering in next 10 births.That means it takes 10 births to exhaust a days karma performed after the age of 14. thus in a life time a man performs karma that would make him take 2 lakhs of  of births if he lives for 65 years. Then in every next birth he would again amass these karma , thus backlog of karma to be exhausted piles up , in few initial births itself ,it assumes a form of mountain. This is sanchita karma. Of these sanchita karma some are punya and some Papa and some mishra.

This Punya is known as Poorva Janma punya .this is denoted by 5 th house in astrology. whenever fifth house lord operates , this punya assumes role and gives happiness to the native. Thus 5th house is very auspicious and any association with 5th house lord or bhava ,gives immense happiness due to that factor.

When malefics or debilitated planet aspect fifth house or lord, it is said there is loss of poorva punya.What is meant by loss of poorva punya?

on a plain terms loss of punya means loss of a chance to enjoyment that was destined to come. This missing of a chance to enjoy benefits can be as a loss to win over a maid, win a competition or lottery or a election.When such loses occur on account of forced mistakes , it can be understood that there has been a loss of poorva punya.

When suddenly a bad incident occurs amidst good days ,cutting short a good run of successful stint, it can be recorded as loss of poorva punya.

Poorva punya is lost by vrata bhanga, hurting elders, abusing elderly, ill treating parents, bringing frown in parents minds, guru’s mind,bramhins,teachers,and vaishnavas.Cursing the one who is unblemished also destroys poorvapunya.

Curse in general reduces poorva punya.quality of poorva punya determines efficacy of a curse given by an individual. If a poorvapunya is not operating , then one’s curse will not take effect. Similarly a good wishes also reduces poorva punya , they take effects immediately if there is poorvapunya operating, else they will take off in another realm of time.

Sometimes poorvapunya becomes unwanted to Jeevanmuktas , thus they would like it to be destroyed [ as they do not want it to become a reason for a birth again on the earth].

Dyut Krida was not played on account of misfortune of Yudhisthira [ it was not the result of sins of previous birth of Yudhisthira] , it was played to reduce the poorva punya of Yudhisthira [ on his own will] , thus causing distress to his brothers and wife , which reduced his Punya .


Ardhastama Sani and Story of Nala-Damayanthi

During Gochara when saturn traverses Fourth house from natal moon , inavariably man leaves his existent place of stay. Many a great kings had to face exile during this period. Rama went to forest in ardhastama,.Pandavas went to vanavas when saturn was in aquarius. When in vanavas Yudhisthira meets Sage Bharadhwaj and relates to him his plight. Yudhisthira says ” oh sage look how unfortunate I am ,I have lost all my wealth, Kingdom and belongings and am wandering in his dense forest. Perhaps no other person would have been as unfortunate as I am .” For this sage Bharadhwaj says,” Oh great King, Consider yourself as fortunate as you have the company of your wife and brothers even at this moment of calamity , to share with you your misfortunes.Pitiable is the plight of him who has no company of his near and dear in times of trouble. King Nala lost his kingdom in a game of dice to his brother , and left to the forest along with his beautiful wife Damayanthi.Damayanthi had a great shining goblet on the head near forehead inside her hair braids. King nala spent a night in the jungle ,along with his wife ,who also set out with him.Nala in the morning saw his clothes fly away by wind , as a result of saturn in the fourth. He thought His wife would go away to her father’s house, if he deserts her in the jungle,, So he tears a part of saree of his wife to cover himself and deserts her goes away deep into the forest. Damayanthi with a torn saree , is caught by a hunter who tries to touch her , but because of her pativratya is burnt to ashes. Damayanthi wanders into the forest and reaches into a city, where  the queen of the city , takes her as a dasi. Damayanthi takes a promise from her that she would not be sent to entertain any males in her Kingdom. Nala tries to rescue a snake in a pit and is severely bitten by it .[ So much for ardhastama , a  beningn act is also rewarded with a poison].Poison of the snake turns Nala into a dwarf , ugly man. Snake says he has done a favour on him by biting himand deforming him. There are difficult days ahead , it would be difficult for him to bear them as NALA. Nala became BAHUK in his crippled form. Snake guided him to go to Raja Rituparna of Ayodhya. Nala was expert in cooking, economics,horse racing,and reaching any places without obstacles. HE could cook without igniting fire, without fetching water and aroma of the substance he touched increased many times. Walls dont offer resistance he could pass through them.

Rituparna was amazed at his abilities and kept him as his personal charioteer. Damayanthi’s Father was a king of VIDHARBHA , he knowing the fate of his daughter sent many bramhins to look for her in various countries. One of the purohits saw damayanthi in the city and recognized her from her Goblet in the head. He took her back to Vidharbha. Then these bramhins also found out that there was a Bahuk ,the dwarf in Ayodhya who could cook. Damayanthi suspecting BAhuk to be her husband, declares her second swayamvar , and send invitation  everywhere . Now invitation said the swayanvar was on the next day only. Ayodhya was the nearest country about 1000 km from Vidharbha . Only Nala could drive a chariot at 1000km within a day in those days. So Bahuk upset at his wife’s decision , inspires Rituparna to attend Vidharbha Swayamvar. Rituparna agrees but is afraid whether they can reach Vidarbha overnight,BAhuk assures.  On the way  Rituparna is amazed at Bahuk’s ability, he wants to learn the art, so he asks BAhuk,” can you tell me how many leaves are there on the tree below “( their chariot is actually flying in the air at that speed) . Now BAHUK says how can one count leaves on the tree . Rituparna says he has a amazing mathematical technique,He gives the number and it turns out to be exact . Rituparna agrees to teach this technique provided Bahuk teaches him his Art.

Both reach Vidharbha but find no festivities, Rituparna immidiately hides his intention ,and accepts hospitality. Now in a outhouse damayanthi spies on BAHUK as to how he cooks and how obstacles vanish in his presence and how aromas of trees an flowers increase manyfolds . She recognises NALA , Asks him why he had deserted her. HE says he knew how powerful,intelligent she was , and was confident that she would take care of hersellf.  With this Damayanthi and NALA pray shani and Kali inside him unable to bear the poison comes out and asks forgiveness and leaves away. Hari gives boon that whoever listens to this story is freed of miseries of kaliyuga . Both Nala Damayanthi regain the kingdom and  live happily, Rituparna is proud that he had for a friend such a great KING.” #

Oh Yudhisthira , you atleast have everyone by your side , look at NALA he even lost his own self ,and was left with none to share his woes. So pray Lord Krishna for being so kind to You.”

Saturn in fourth brings everyone to his ground self be it a king or common man . We are all puppets in the hands of planets.


Yudhisthir , Vikramaditya , Shalivahana and the new year

Bali pratipada , kartika sukla padyami is celebrated as a new year in many parts of India. It is year when Vikramaditya ascended the throne with a rajyabhisheka from his capital Ujjain  . He was born to a bramhin , Govind Bhat to a Kshatriya apsara from heaven .

5109 years have passed since advent of Kaliyuga . There are six yugapurushas in this yuga . They will also be known as  shaka-kartas . Yudhisthira Saka lasted for 3044 years , then came Vikramaditya  ,whose saka will be for 135 years. After this will rule Shalivahan from Pratishtanpura. (Paithan) . His era will last for 18000years, After which a new shaka purusha will come by name Vijayabhinandan will rule from the banks of vaitarni river. His era will last for 10000 years. Then will come Nagarjuna who would rule the earth from the banks of Kaveri , whose era will last for 400000 years, When Kalki will come down to finish of mletchas when only 800 years would left for kaliyuga to finish. ALL these kings will be  born in a yoga where 9th lord and 10th lord combined in a Simhasanamsa.

When such combination comes in paravatamsa , Manu and Bali, Agni are born. In bramhalokamsa ,Chaturmukha Brahma is born from the navel of Lord Narayana in Ksheersagara. The Incarnation takes place in Devlokamsa and in Iravatamsa Swayambhu Manu is Born.

Effect of the debilitated planet – Yudhisthira

Yudhisthira had a combination of Raja Yoga enabling him to lord over entire 11 lokas. His kingdom /Lordship exceeded that of Indra . Having defeated both Indra and Shiva with the help of Bheemasena and Arjuna. It was during such invasion on swarga Arjuna confronted Urvasi and got cursed. Showing they had transworld interaction in the very human form. But despite such beautiful combination raja yoga (dharma karmadhipati in simhasanamsha) , Yudhisthira was born in vrishchika rasi having moon debilitated. Even if one planet is debilitated ,  during its dasa and antardasa gives loss wealth, postion, and danger of death. and such antardasa repeatedly come in once life. Look how Yudhisthira continuosly at frequent intervals in his life faced dangers of Death ( laksha graha, ekchakrapuri, yaksha prasna ,chitrasena gandharva, vanavasa,virat nagar agyat vasa, arjuna’s wrath on Yudhisthira, karna letting him go alive, dyut krida twice, khandava dahan) .their last rites were performed by people of hastinapur thrice ,even while they were alive, He suffered poverty many times, born in jungle, went to ekchakrapuri lived in a broken house giving rent to a poor bramhin,during vanvasa  Sage Durvasa had come to ask food when everything in his house was empty, a day of poverty(even though he had akshaya patra he could not feed Durvasa, ofcourse Lord Krishna helped him out).when he did ashwamedha yagya after Mahabharata war he had no money to feed bramhins  so Krishna  again saved him  with treasure of Vali from Ramayana. left over wealth of King Bali beyond Meru. All this for a debilitated planet .The avastha described for debilitated planet is Rikta BY Muni Parashar, it does not leave even a great emperor of the 11 worlds.

But continuing from previous post, could all these have been avoided by the living apostle of Dharma of his times.  Answer is Yes , because these souls Yudhisthira, Nala,Harishchandra , Laxmana, all these are above nine planets in terms of strength and calibre. They can very well command these planets to shower good fortune without break irrespetive of their destiny. Then why did they have misfortune take over them. There are multiple reasons for these behaviour. We shall examine them one by one.

1. these were all divine beings descended from the heavens . They were not humans in any way. When super humans descend , they have ,a secret oath ,administered in the court of Lord Narayana that they would ,all the while ,resist from using their divine powers /abilities. Most of these births are to be born as aides to Lord to serve him on the earth . to delude demons into believing that they are just humans. Hence the pact is to remain as human as possible. One who fulfils this condition is given more marks i.e more appreciation from Lord krishna. But not all keep their promises. Some out of anger / ego and sometimes in disgust at the events around them , just remember their original form and regain their abilities and powers. but they lose out in the race . Just as we humans have a race in the life as to who will live an honest and serene life . but many of us fail in given circumstances to keep our honesty and serenity. we sin. These greats do not sin under any circumstances and that is why they are divine . But they are judged by the above criteria. (i shall give some examples of such behaviour in next posts.

2. BhagvadGeetha – says to  remain unaltered (within chittha) in happiness and sorrow and unattached to the  material (events as well as to objects). These greats were param Bhagavata . hence they take things as they come without actually making effort to either avoid the events nor do they make special efforts in aquiring fame,wealth etc. Things come to them naturally and they enjoy them without being attached. for eg Bheemasena never used any astras even though he had siddhi of 9 crores astras. even if it meant immidiate death when faced with agni astra. he did not counter them but made pieces of them with his own heat. Pandavas remained bramhacharya most of the times in their life even if they had most beautiful women as their wife. and many other wives.they were unattached to pleasures and pains of loss of kingdom.

3. Man has many types of karmas binding him a> Sanchita karma b> agami karma c> prarabdha karma. sanchita is one we have accumulated over many births. agami that we are definitely going to perform in our future births without our having any control. Prarabdha is that which we are presently enjoying or suffering. a part sanchita later becomes prarabdha. out of this prarabdha there is one more which is called anadi karma. that which covers the souls like a skin of banana.This is the grand plan of Lord . this is what no one can change. Most of the events that we have mentioned are of this nature. Though Lord is mercifull he showers benefits to even mitigate these . But at that stage a bhakta becomes nirlipta to ask for such favours. instead he chooses to bear the destiny leaving everything to Lord . –a Jeevanmukta. Yudhisthira and all such others and Pandavas were Jeevanmuktas.

i have given the above points to the best of my knowledge and learning it is not complete in itself , more learned may throw more light on it and whatever errors found be forgiven and taken as in  hansaKshirnyaya.



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