Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Tatva Sanshay Nivaran

This page is exclusively for the discussion of doubts over Dvaita siddhanta and Vedic phrases . Readers are encouraged to discuss in depth the tenets of Dvaita philosophy .

Comments on: "Tatva Sanshay Nivaran" (2,268)

  1. Spiruality or sadhana should not be mixed with materialistic gains,or in other words sadhana should not be done for materialistic gains,what is acharyas say on this.


  2. Shakthi said:

    Om Hariye Potri

    9 betel leaves and nuts, 9 bananas

    1:30 pm Bangalore

    DOB: 11-12-1981, 10:28 AM , Aruppukottai.

    left hand touching my left eye and cheek together.
    Right hand touching my right eye and cheek together.

    Lot of obstacles for starting religious journey.
    I am unable to start or complete the important pariharams which my holy father has advised.

    Om Hariye Potri.


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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