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Your Questions My Answers

After every post that appeared on the site , people have searched many terms on the internet seeking more details on the subject of the posts. \most of them were in the form of questions.

Typically I felt like answering them.This page is meant to raise questions on astrology and related topics in one liners . My best attempt to solve them as per my capacity.


You can View  Bramha Jignyasa for tenets of Phiosophy

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  1. Danyavadah Chiraanji for the explanation. We are all waiting for that final ONE GLANCE from Sri Ram.

    Please bless and guide us to reach the first target for Mukyaprana to bring us in line in front of HIM to get that glance as per the individual yogyata.

    Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams



  2. Chiraanji

    Bahut Danyavadah for the wonderful explanation. I was aware before that the Danurmasa marks the movement to day time in deva loka but was not aware of the subsequent details. Please let us know if you can post the Indra krut Mahalakshmi stotra that we have to recite early mornings or let us know if we have to take this as a deeksha from aachar in the mutt? Please kindly advice.

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu



  3. Chiraanji

    Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha Para Brahmane Namaha!

    Can we define Saadhana as the final realization Mukyaprana gives to the individual atma of the complete omnipresence of Sri Hari as per the individual yogyata of that atma?

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams



    • Lord himself decides .. yenam mochayami ..
      then MUKHYAPRANA for whom HARI chitta is his Chitta ..puts some sense into the soul and makes him do some good things .. [till that time soul falls into all kinds of error traps and sees nothing better than world that he sees … and for every amusement he sees he exclaims ” badal bijlee chandan paani jaisa apna pyaar …lena hoga janam hame kayi kayi baar .. haan itna madir itna madhur tera mera pyaar …” NS trap he feels no remorse in taking births and thinks life is on earth where else? and woman wealth and wine www is life … ]

      Mukhyaprana brings him on line by some few good solid shots ….
      then he becomes achcha baccha …
      then Mukhyaprana makes a case out of him and presents it to LAXMIDEVI on a fine dhanurmasa eealy morning .. LAXMIDEVI in ekanta whispers in the ears of LORD NARAYANA .. Oh jee HANUMAN keh rehe the !!!!
      and then ALL KNOWING RAAMJI casts a glance on the soul .. who YOU !
      AND SADHANA begins …….


      • Namaskar Acharya

        Feeling very happy and light after this very blessed discussion and its snowing also 🙂 Every thing you say every word you post is making a difference and setting up a solid foundation for many like us. With Rayaru antargata BharathiramanMukhyaprana antargata LaxmiNarayana grace may we begin our journey from NS towards Sadhana and Hari Preeti.

        Charan vandana
        Sincere Pranaams
        Hare Chenna Keshava !!


      • Guruvaryaa….. is sadhana individually tailor-made for every jeeva? If that is so, mera wala sadhana kya hai batayiye na Guruvaryaa? Mera number kab aayega?

        If I am not doing sadhana in the real sense right now…. then I will think I should start… or I will wait for the day when I will think I should start sadhana… or I will wait for the day when I will wait for the day when I will think I should start sadhana… I am never giving up …. even if I am the dumbest fool there can be…

        I have to start somewhere ain’t I Guruvaryaa….. 🙂 Please bless me that I will be continue to be optimistic before NSism attacks from everywhere…

        Humble pranams


  4. Kunal Bhardwaj said:

    Pranaams Acharya,

    The new showers or snow fall type on the blog is really soothing to the eyes and the mind..

    thank you for the changes…


    Kunal Bhardwaj


  5. Sri Krishnaya Namaha…

    Pranaam Guruji,
    What authenticity does Satyartha Prakash by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi hold wrt its contents?Is it fine to read this book to gain a wider view on Hindu philosophy and it’s various acharaas?Thank you..

    Humble Pranaams,

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu


  6. Sree Gurubhyo Namah
    Sree Krishnaya Namah
    Sree Hanumate Namah

    Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.
    Guruvaryaa, please explain what practices we should add to our daily sadhana for the auspicious time of Dhanurmasa…

    Humble pranams
    Sree Krishnaya Namah


    • Guruvaryaa I remember you mentioned once that in Dhanurmasa ‘pongal’ should be offered to LORD as naivedya …. with moong dal and rice in 1:1 proportion for best results… can we do this at home?

      Humble pranams


      • 1:1 is adhama 1:3 is uttama … but offering pongal at home is difficult unless you are used to cooking on cowdung and wood .. and that too without usage of kerosene ..with pure cow ghee .. sitting in madi …
        if these things one is not used to then he/she must not attempt naivedya …for your own satisfaction one can do naivedya … there is no restriction on that …
        to be more precise .. naivedya should be on sanskrutagni .. and not on asanskrutpaakagni … that would be akin to cooking on street fire ..
        cooking is homa … it cannot be done on gas …. have you ever seen a priest performing homa or yagnya on a gas stove ?

        so better give it to the temple ..


      • Guruvaryaa I can’t help admiring your uncanny knack of knowing what’s on someone’s mind while asking something… for this question you are BANG! on target…. 🙂 I asked this for my satisfaction of doing naivedya only… and I am utterly foolish if I am thinking I will be satisfied by offering naivedya but LORD finds it unacceptable… it should be done for HIS pleasure not mine….

        You are absolutely right… cooking is not done on gas in temples… I knew it’s not acceptable… and women cannot do HARI naivedya in the first place… but I was just hoping there would be some loophole for this issue… I guess there isn’t any… ( sighing….) 😦

        So I would rather not attempt it or my conscience will prick me badly…. but I am not giving up… if I can’t do it practically, I will do it in my mind… manas pooja… with madi and everything according to ‘Paak vidhi’…. sorry about that mix up of proportions but I remember you said shodasopachara is allowed in manas pooja…

        Please tell me Guruvaryaa… can I do naivedya in mind if not practically?

        Humble pranams


        • let us get sadhana step by step then how to offer naivedya is also there in madhva sampradaya even by widows .. but baby steps in the beginning … okay I am allright .. okay i am doing fine …. this shud be repeated baby steps each ..


      • Guruvaryaa my earlier comment didn’t get posted… but you have hit the nail on my head… I asked this only for my satisfaction of doing nivedana…. anyways… please tell me if I can’t do naivedya practically, can I do as manas pooja?

        Humble pranams


    • This is a good question … let me answer it elaborately ..
      MANY PEOPLE confuse with what sadhna is ?

      AND what is SADHANA ?

      WHen you ask for any spiritual leader ..what do you get in the name of SADHANA ?
      There are many types of people in this world … each has a spiritual lurking clamour in his heart .. BUt his clamour finds rest only when his mind says yes he is acting over it !!!!

      now what is this acting over once clamour ? this depends upon the satisfaction one derives after an act of deemed spiritual nature and then one claims yes I am doing sadhana …

      If the philosophy of the spiritual guru is PATANJALI or GAUTAM shastra ..he would say the world is but a phenomenon of natural principles and it finds peace in discipline and thus sadhana becomes a set of exercises knwon as yoga and breathing …. as these philospohies do not have any place for GOD ..

      if the philosophy is centred around matter then sadhana becomes an approach to achieve equilibriu in the state of matter ..

      if the philosophy is about KARMA and its exhaustion then one tries to calm down the activity and sadhna is about achieving a state of NULL to extinguish the fire of karma ..

      If the philosophy is about being born dirty and end point lies in gettings cleanses so the sadhana is about cleansing self …
      If the philosophy is about physical well being then sadhna is about doing as much good to be as much well
      if the philosophy is about conquering the nature then 5M is employed as sadhana
      If the philosophy is aghora then sadhana is getting as dirty as possible …
      If the philosophy is simplistic then sadhna is bura mat dekho bura mat suno bura mat kaho ..love thy neighbour
      If the philosophy is about being strong then sadhana is about building mass onto biceps and triceps ..

      so as the spiritual guru decides and as the taste of the person lies , so goes the sadhana

      BUT when the philosophy is about KNOWING REALITY sadhana also becomes about being realistic ..

      Many a times sadhana just boils down to mere exercise or routine … and lot many times a sadhana is just a reciting of STOTRA / MANTRA / KAVACHA or dana !

      what shud be done in grahan a ? [ recite kavach ] TELIDU SAAR
      what shud be done in chaturamasa [ recite mantra ] tELAVADU sir
      what shud be done in adhikmasa [ apoop daana ] teliyadu anna

      what shud be done in dhanurmasa [ recite stotra ] [ telidu telidu telidu idikak emi telisau bhai ]

      so recite recite recite ,,,, isse mere kya hoga ?
      then a pseudo semiscientific minded acharya in order to appease/intimidate some unscientific minded devotees will try to explain ” you SEE the sound of mantras and stotras have a vibration … these vibrations increase with japa and after prolonged japa will cause resonance with cosmic vibration and then there will be change in juxtapostion of coefficient of the linear ” [pun intended ]
      who will buy this arguments ?
      or famous argument will be ” the grahas have electromagnetic radiance and these will act on the cells of the human body and thus we have effects and japa will cause the positive interaction of these radiance …..”
      seems appealing but is mithyagyaana ..

      IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG IN ACCEPTING THE FACT THAT LORD EXISTS IN US …. LORD EXISTS IN GRAHAS … LORD IS OMNIPOTENT and LORD is dynamic entity which does things auspiciously and towards the wellbeing of his devotee .. so worshipping him earns his grace and it is completely in his capacity and power [ INFACT HE RULES ] without doubt .. to rectify the illeffects and bestow good effects …

      SIMPLE …
      BUT why do we go round and round towards electromagnetic theory … cosmic vibrance which is just as ridiculous as anthony’s NS gaffe with sole aim to invite people to PREM GALI KHOLI NUMBER 420 !

      The fact remains that most of us want to believe that world runs all by itself and the mechanism of world operations [ISO K5110] is manipulative …

      SO reciting becomes a ghisapita trend to make superstitious more and more superstitious …

      so a new theory emerges nothing lies in these karma japa homa daana ….

      MEDITATE …..sit still !
      that is SADHANA … MEDITATION how can that make difference … before you could complete your question .. a sadhu by your side elevate in the air …. OM TAT SAT !
      wow .. Hows that possible ..? SADHANA MADAM >>> [ woh kidhar milengi ]

      BUT come to TATTVAVADA … we only debate !
      PATANJALI — yoga is deha shrama
      MATTER theory – chemical locha
      AGHORA —–TAMAS sadhana
      MEdiation — advaita no no

      are bhai kare toh kya kare ?
      okay TUM log kya karte ho ….
      dhyaan vyaan kuch hai kya Madhva mein …
      hmm shastrabhyaas is manytimes more powerful than dhyaana !

      okay can I read this shastra … NO you are woman you cannot read this
      okay CAN i do naivedya then …. NO NO you are non dwija you cannot do that

      Then what shud i DO ?
      but of course SADHANA !

      Phir mera waala Sadhana kya hai ?


      • SADHANA is just not about reciting stotras japa mantra etc ..

        EVER wondered why if we recite even hundred times nothing conspicuous happens .. but if INDRA or YUDHISTHIR recites only once they get instant results !
        WHY what is the difference ?
        SADHANA !
        what is this sadhana ?
        any guess


      • Is it because of Lack of Sthira Bhakti to the Supreme that one gets results late while some results due to Bhakti, unshaken faith in the Lord?
        As we chant mantra many times,mind purifies and we get Sthira Bhakti and then get results??


        • No that is not the right answer !

          As long as we do not see LORD and his presence through the eyes of knowledge .. all the shastra and rituals of japa homa and dhyaana seems very routine and superstitious or perhaps an exercise to bring discipline in life as propounded by arya samaaj or dayanand saraswati ..
          they do all the rituals as only rituals and no IDOL or DIETY of form represents them …

          chanting is not for sthiratva …[ I want all the readers to give serious thought onto it .. without thinking ie jignyasa .. answers will not go into head ]


      • Pranaam Gurji,
        Then,can you pls enlighten on the Mantra Shastras..Thank you…

        Also,I do not know everything about Arya Samaj but I do know that Swami dayananda Saraswathi did emphasise on the concept of one Supreme God..Isn’t that what we believe too “..sarva deva namaskaram,keshavam pratighchati…”???

        Also,what I thought was Sadhana is the way to accomplishing God realisation…In between the stages siddhis are obtained which are detrimental on the actual goal of god realisation…

        Kindly forgive for any wrong understanding and give me the correct knowledge…
        Shastaang Pranaams..


        Sri Krishnarpana


        • KESHAVAM ….

          who is Keshava ? what is KESHAVA ? these are the questions ARYA samaaji shud answer … and you shud seek ,,,

          OUR KESHAVA is VISHNU who is superior to K AND ESHA … so in our definition K and ESHA two more entities spring up … DOES DAYANANAD SARASWATI ACCEPT this entity …

          OUR KESHAVA has form he is CHENNA too ….has attribute …

          then how is our KESHAVA is same as their KESHAVA ? it is infact out of moha you are saying their SUPREME GOD is KESHAVA only since we say that … but thye do not mean it …
          SO your sympathies are misplaced as you own stance is not vindicated even by arya samaaji !

          sadhna siddhi as propounded by vivekananda is faulty … siddhis come in the way of realisation is not correct .. it advises people to make udaaseen a siddhi … it seems as if siddhis are of no use and infact their use is detrimental for realisation of GOD .. how erroneous !


      • Pranaam Guruji,
        Thank you for the explanation.Agreed now that their definition of K Esha does not match with ours…
        but regarding the attributes they say that:Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Infinite Bliss and Infinite activity…

        Guruji,Detrimental because if a person who chants gets Siddhi then,wont he(most ppl) usually get ahankara and use it in the wrong way provided he lacks right knowledge…Eg:Bhairava Siddhi obtained by a sannyasi as you had mentioned earlier…
        Isn’t this detrimental in this way??

        Why cant it be this way that though we get Siddhi(Sweet fruit) there is something much sweeter and ultimate goal(God realization) in the way and not waste time enjoying the sweet fruit..

        As far as Siddhi of astra ,this is required couldn’t it be that Lord Shree Krishna could have given the astra himself that moment but he wanted arjuna to get siddhi through his grace..is it not to show the world that Siddhi (or one can attain siddhi through God’s grace) is needed only to eradicate evil,self protection and not otherwise??

        Sorry for forking out of the main question you have asked us Guruji…Most of the doubts I had have reduced by your writings and answers in your blog…Kindly give us right knowledge and bless us…

        Shastaang Pranamagalu..


        Sri Krishnarpanamastu…


        • infinte bliss ..infinite activity .. but finite attributes if this what is told by arya samaaj … then it is contemplating finiteness and sin ..because lord has infinite attributes .. infinite forms .. and that is truth .. just to appease a section of society and gain some brownie points we cannot twist definition and saying you are also right HINDUS omnipresent etc etc … and you are also right mr others .. no idols …no forms … this is my new philososphy !
          but where is pramana ?
          just I feel so .. how can you encompass all infinite in one imaginable form ?
          ans – subba ninna feeling yarige beku ! adunna madichi itko ! speak TRUTH man not feelings …

          why presumption that suddhi shud give ahankaara ? there is no logic in it .. then even living simple life shud give ahankaara …I am living s also ahankaara …

          the statement lacks strength of argument…

          siddhi makes a person better person ..
          a doctor with siddhi treats better .. a sportsman with siddhi plays better .. a warrior with siddhi fights better ….for gyaana u need siddhi .. for vairagya u need siddhi for moksha u need siddhi ..for bhakti too u need sidhdhi …
          for everything siddhi is must .. you cannot say i will not be a good doctor .. let me have other sweet fruit till then …i will loiter around …
          if one says siddhi is not good just stay away from it .. then we will have all mediocre doctors sportsman etc .. and any good fellow with siddhi will be dismissed as “arre woh AHANKAARI hai , narcissist hai ,sciezophrenic hai ..eccentric hai ”
          but that us plain jealousy … khatte angoor ..

          so attain siddhi in whatever field one is …

          Shrikrishna exactly sent ARJUN to highlight the importance of vidya and sidhdhi …RAYARU has taken sajeeva samaadhi ..

          without yogasiddhdi can anybody dare to do that … after feww minutes he will send a miss call and say bahar nikalo bhai .. maine socha kuch idhar kuch aur hai >>>>

          For everything siddhi is must …

          somebody asked me question yesterday in the blog … I have seen many people asking thus .. I AHVE SEEN ONLY FAILURES IN MY LIFE >>>I WORSHIP RELENTLY BUT NO USE >>>>> HOW CAN I BELIEVE THERE IS SOMEONE ABOVE >>> I HAVE BECOME DISILLUSIONED >>> NOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT SUCCESS AND PRAY TO NARAYANA just like that without asking anything >>>>

          what is the problem of these gentlemen is he requires siddhi … he need vashikarana for his works to be done .. he needs vighna nasha for smooth functioning … he need bhakti siddhi for grace of MUKHYAPRANA … he needs karyasiddhi …
          what he is saying as desirelessness is actually udaseenta NS mindset .. he is showing udaseenta towards LORD .. as saying YOU WILL ANYHOW NOT GIVE LET ME NOT BOTHER YOU BY ASKING …..


      • Dear Sir,
        pls accept my two cents worth.
        what is sadhana?
        and sadhana for what?
        the reason any sadhana is carried out is for two things……….
        1.ishta prapti 2.anishta parihara………ishta is moksha and anishta is samsara. even 5M walas believe this. take any sadhana shiva,shakti,ganapati,skandha,vamachara etc. the reasons/goals are same. only difference is the MEANS to achieve it. so whatever u do achieve the two is sadhana.
        first of all none (other than madhavas) have any idea of what moxa is. so desiring it is useless.
        so what they do to get it is no sadhana at all…………..reason for this failed efforts is ‘agnyana’.
        so sadhana is gnyana…….errr…….yatharth gnyana.
        ok we know visnu is supreme and vayu is best what next? now try to know more about them through shastra abhyasa……….so now sadhana is shastra abyhasa.
        ok i’m listening about lord with ekant manas and ‘apnapan'(bhakti) with lord is increasing……what next……only bhakti in him is not enough. u must start losing interest in everything but Him. ladki,dhan,nam sab ke saath bhagwan chahiye……….nahi chalega boss….nirantar shravan increases bhakti and result is vairagya.
        till here it was only warming up actual sadhana begins now i.e after one attains vairagya. bcoz till now it was only shravan proper manan is possible only after vairagya dawns. this state corresponds to the fifth stage of pratyahara in astanga yoga. outer struggle ends, now the sadhaka turns inward.

        not over yet? but what is SADHANA? sadhana is tapa i.e relinquishing all desires and nourishing only one…….the desire to see lord. when u r starving u crave food badly….with same severity one should desire the darshan of lord within……when u starve will u show interest in anything except food..will u be in that state? same is the case here..it is only to achieve this state shastra abhyasa is required…more intense the longing sooner the aproxa………

        now why should i sacrifice so much for lord? why should i know him? whats the use? and WHO is that lord? why only visnu and not others………for these ans u must earn gnyana. and once u r steadfast in that gnyana sadhana begins with…………..OM athato brahma jignyasa OM.

        till now the enquiry into BRAHMA was general,,,,, actually to make sure that he IS there…and for us……….but WHERE ??
        acharya pls correct my mistakes.

        sri krishnarpana.


      • guruji,

        I agree with you , i have grown up in Dayanand Anglo Vedic (DAV) school. I was there for DAINIK YAJNA (Yajya). And the mantras used were of all deities specially surya. Well obviously it set a good foundation for me but i feel that all that was sort of ritualistic and as u said discipline. We were not made to learn anything for specific or like siddhis mantras or anything.

        Moreover we learnt 10 Principles of Arya samaj that described the Supreme God (devoid of physical form) in different ways.
        om ham hanumantay namah:


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        Sir, What i do understand …

        Sadhana is ‘process’ to reach upto desired goal and siddhis are milestones/attained mastery over certain skill while doing sadhana.Siddhis helps in achieving our goal….and can give better pace to the process.

        Life itself is sadhana …everyone do sadhana right way or wrong way to achieve his/her goals in life.The more one is siddhasth or skillfull related to the goal…more easliy and quickly he would reach to the goal..

        one sets some goal obvioulsy bcoz of his wish/desire only… so deep desire is must. Deeper the desire is….more serious would be the person for his goal.

        Here, spiritually.. goal is to attain Aproksha gyaan and ultimately ‘MOKSHA’…so one will have to follow certian ‘process’ to achieve it…as per his/her yogyata.This goal is no ordinary…one can not creat his’her own process or ‘trial and error’ methods to achieve it.It would need perfect guindance and direction not just to understand the process but also how to follow the process too…like to understand LORD VISHNU one must know/understand VEDAS and to understand VEDAS one must follow BRAHMA SUTRAS…without it one can not understand VEDAS by guessing and making his own meanings…

        Gyan bhakti and vairagya are essential parts of spiritual sadhana/process.
        – Gyan is must as one should know exactly about all details regarding his goal.Means here ..Who is GOD?…How HE is…? Where HE is? etc..

        – Bhakti is must . That increases with knowledge.With out devotion one can only be a scholar…. desireless…affection for GOD…..A true one…No any taam jhaam…! ( Sir here we can say good EQ is needed??..probably only GOD can understand someones EQ… how true his EQ is?.)

        – vairagya for sansaris – a sync that has to be maintained between sansar where one lives and the process of his ultimate Goal….a sansari cannot leave at once the world and say now i have to go to himalayas for my sadhana…atleast not evetyone can do like so…

        Reciting stotras japa mantra are mediums/parts only…not the whole process…

        Why INDRA/YUDHISTHIR why not common man….?
        Matter of yogyata and GOD grace.They have inbuilt/embedded qualities very first…their DEV amshas works very well for them.More the yogya…more easily he will achieve the goal not only in lesser time but also with least efforts…

        Sir this is my understanding…yet…please kindly make me clear if i am worng…

        Thanks and Regards,


        • But the fact remains that …. more the yogyata more is sadhana and more is the period of sadhana … astonishingly more … like a truna jeeva attains moksha in few births … animals in few yugas .. humans in few bramha days … maushyottam in half a kapa … most of the people in one kalpa .. Devtas in many creations ..
          VAYUDEV after 100 creations ..
          so it is against the principle of more yogyata more quicker the goal .. its other way …lesser knowedged gets to his goal quicker ..

          BUT why do DEVTAS get their wishes fulfilled in one recitation ..how do GODESS appear just after one recitation ..
          ARJUN recites only once Durga stotra and she appears ..


      • Sir,

        What a dialogue .. ‘ALL KNOWING RAAMJI casts a glance on the soul .. who YOU !’
        kya scene hai…KHAAKA KHINCH GYA DIMAAG MEIN…

        Also about sadhana…

        Jab tak RAAM JI na chahein….ekko patta bhi na hilega…HE must be pleased first with the sadhak…

        Thanks and Regards,


      • Sir,
        Probably a matter of sanchit karma…clearance of sanchit karma/prarabdha/Anisht punya must be there…


      • Pranaam Guruji,
        Has it then anything to do with the paap done in the previous births??Something like till debt is cleared siddhi wont be obtained??
        For moksha to devatas it is ordained by the Lord to help humans and others which is their duty and then go fr moksha??


      • Namaste Guruji

        Sri Krishnaya Namaha
        Jai Anjaneya
        Sri Raghavendraya Namaha

        Guruji, I am putting out a few words as per my knowledge. “Sadhane” to me is to dedicate life for earning Hari Preeti and Haripada knowing He is the Ultimate. Sampoorna Bhakti towards Sri HAri is the ultimate goal. Bhakti towards Sri Hari is complete faith, respect, love, adoration, amazement, wonder, dedication, eagerness, enthusiasm in Him and His Supremacy. Hari Preeti comes when we do Karma which pleases Him .. in other words lead life in Dharma marga and then doing samarpane to Sri Hari all our karmas. In order to lead life in Dharma marga (with Hari Bhakti as main goal) we need knowledge ie Shastras … there is no point in leading life in only dharma marga without bhakti. Complete faith, devotion and dedication towards parama Gurus (Sri Madhwacharyaru, Jaya theertharu, Sri Rayaru etc) will lead to non delusional learning of shastras which pave a definite path of life of Sadhane towards Sri Hari. Siddhi is inbuilt in the learning and practicing of shastras.

        Guruji hope i havent said anything wrong. Please pardon my mistakes and correct them.

        “seraga bido ranga seraga bido
        karave mugivenomme seraga bido ||pa||

        athe kandare enna hathira seralu hariye
        chittadalobbha enna seraga bido ||1||

        maava kandare enna jiva bidanu Hariye
        jeevadollabha enna seraga bido ||2||

        ganda kandare enna gundigikkuva hari
        Pundarikaksha Purandara vittala seraga bido ||3|| ”

        I have no words the way Sri Purandara Dasaru has expressed his Devotion to the Lord Sri Hari. It is possible to only such High Souls ! Getting inspiration from these souls should be the only way of life!

        Sri Raghavendraya Namaha
        Sri Krishnaya Namaha
        Jai Anjaneya

        Pranam Guruji


      • Pranaams,
        btw what is 5M and NS attitude??


      • Probably GOD tests the yogya more in compare to lesser yogya or knowledged…
        .toughest test for most knowledged one …


      • What is sadhana? Ah million dollar question ! Aap ne toh doodh ka doodh aur pani ka pani kar diya Guruvaryaa….

        Dhanuramasam lo Madhva sampradayam prakaaram emi chestharo nijam gaa teliyadu Guruvaryaa anduke aduguthunnanu… meeru daya chesi koppadakandi…. naa agnyaananiki kshaminchandi…. that sounds like a thoroughly cliched expression… but I am speaking from heart… meeru kooda cheppaka pothe naaku cheppe vallu evaru? 😦

        What I knew until now is … in many Vaishnava temples and homes in andhra, ‘tiruppavai’ is recited during Dhanuramasa… I understood this much that it can’t be our practice… ours doesn’t match with tamil tradition… so I wanted to know what is Madhva practice…

        With this sadhana topic you have taken the whole discussion to another level… and where is that post of yours where you gave Hari smarana homework? I browsed it in haste on my mobile yesterday but I can’t find it now…. grrrrr….


  7. keshabji with due regards chiraanji has told that grahas are jada….. whatever effect they r showing due to badha or something like that. grahas r just pointers…they cannot control anyone’s life(chiraanji’s version).but thanks I lll definitely ask.

    @ vikasji vari aadmi usiko socha jata hai jisme haribhakti ho, sat acharan ho, ma aur pita ke prati sraddha ho, sadguru ke pratI bhakti hoetc etc NAAAAHIi do logo ke bichki bato me tang arane balo ko.AAp is BHRANTI ME kadapi na rahiye ki maine aapko bahut vari samajh ne bhul kya hai. Sawal maine aapse nahi pucha aapne pucha tha ki Raam ko …………kyon kehte hai?

    chalo advaiti ka luck accha tha, atleast usne harsarvottam ko mana. Par arjun jaise daityavadi ko guru kya jagadguru se Direct sannidhya ke bad bhi kai janmo ke bad BUFFALO ban kar HARISARVOTTAM ka path lena para. Ek kahabat he der aaye durst aayee



  8. Pranaam Guruji,
    Mantra chanted during the time of eclipse gives immense results.Is it true?Can you pls shed some light on what needs to be done now…Thank you..

    Sri Krisharpanamastu..


    • Dear Paritoshji,
      parayana of rayar stotra//vishnu sahasranama//gita parayana(15th ch) recommended
      if u have ashubha phala then reciting narsimha kavach will help

      sri krishnarapana.


      • Thank you..I will recite VishnuSahasranama and then read the 15th chapter of the the Gita…


      • Next week dhanurmasa is starting … those who are hardpressed for money finances etc … should get up early in the morning and take bath and worship Lord NARAYAN and LAXMIdevi .. and recite Indra krut LAXMIDWADASH naam .. they will get ample finances …
        naivedya/aarti should be given before sunrise …

        all those who cannot give naivedya at home .. opt for HUGGI SEVA AT VARIOUS MUTT …

        give for GHRUTA NANDA DEEPA if anyone is expectting baby …

        donating warm clothes to needy will give immense punya …


      • GURUDEV,

        Dhanurmasa mein fast bhi hoga koi?from which date it would start and would end?

        Also Sir this visual effect is looking very nice on the blog… floating white dots giving sense universe….space and giving visual depth also to the blog… ! beautifull !


        • No fast during dhanurmasa . instead eat before 8 am everday … eating early during dhanurmasa is a sadhna in itself ..

          DHANURMASA means ..month in which SUN enters dhanurRashi saggitarius according to solar calendar ..sun enters dhanu on dec 16th and stays there till JAN 14 ….
          so next sunrise ie dec 17th forms dhanurmasa start and next sunrise after jan 14 ie jan 15 is UTTARAYAN PARVA KAALA ..
          UTTARAYANA is SUNRISE for DEVALOKA .. just as SUNrises everyday here on earth .. same SUN rises once in six months[ earthly months ] so DEVATA day is one year of earth ..a day and night is solar day … so night is DAKSHINAYANA and day is UTTARAYANA ..
          Just as we get up early in the morning before sunrise …ALL DEVATAS wakeup in the month of december and ..and then ask LORD to wake up from bed and show them light .. One cannot enter a room of married couple[ KING ] directly so the Queen [ LAXMIDEVI ] is worshipped to wake her husband and grant the blessings ..

          WIfe usually wakes up earlier than Husband … so LAXMIDEVI is awake ..and the best way to wake up anyone is by the aroma one likes most … MUDGANNA is most liked by LORD … moong is HARI’s favourite as it has LAXMISANNIDHI ..
          so WITH MUDGANNA and LAXMI STOTRA [ requesting MAHALAXMI to wake her husband NARAYANA and put forward our application ] LAXMIDEVI has given boon to INDRA that whoever does her prayer thus will be blessed with immense wealth for next seven births … and whoever sleeps during SUNRISE in dhanurmasa will suffer poverty for next seven births …

          Thus the whole month [ which is actually few minutes for devatas ] this exercise is undertaken to please LORD .. and then LORD gets ready for his Morning work by SUNRISE so JAN 14 becomes last date for offering MUDGANNA and those who could not offer MUDGANNA [PONGAL ] allthrough month can atleast give on the last day o please LORD and hence whole of mankind gives poongal as naivedya on that day .. and hence the day came to be known as PONGAL festival ..


      • Yes….. nice snowy floaty things… very nice Guruvaryaa…. 🙂


      • Chiraanji,

        Sir, I am living in england.
        Your post on reciting indra krut lakshmi dwadasa nama, is most welcome at this time, when I’m struggling with debt issues.

        Chiraan ji, aarti and naivedya are a bit of an issue.
        As you said, giving for huggi seva, can you show some way of doing it from here? Will be more than thankful.

        Thanks a million.


        • you can contact chennai mutt ..or any other mutt of raghavendra swamy ..on phone ..and further directions can be sought … as huggi seva is done in all mutts …
          TTD also does huggi seva in VENKATESHWARA temples all over world but they botch up with EKADASHI dates .. so it ends up with giving naivedya on ekadashi day too .. and anusandhana is alsoa problem … moreover naivedya is cooked on gas [i suppose ] ….

          so giving in RAGHVENDRA SWAMY TEMPLES MUTT is safe bet … you can send DD etc to these mutts ..
          if ypou still feel difficulty kindly send a mail to neelambarsharma19@gmail.com you can get the needful


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        Sir thats why 14 jan ,makarsankrant ko khichddi banti hai…thats pongal..



    • chant ashtakshar


      • Namaskar GURUDEV,

        Sir,women shud also chant ashtakshar or something else…?
        In absence of such exact info i am listening only SVS and Vishnu Dwadasha strota only..

        Thanks and Regards,


      • can i do jap after chandra grahan is over?…..and i have seen chandra grahan unintentionaly…is it bad…how to rectify it?


      • @Kalyani

        Didi the ashtakshara [ 8 – lettered ( in sanskrit ) ] mantra is ….. NAMO NARAYANAYA… I hope you understood what comes first… since women should not chant that, we can chant simple mantras…

        Guruvar explained once that LORD’s names are mantras in their own right…. esp. RAMA and KRISHNA… these should be chanted without adding any word before or after…

        so just chant ‘RAAMA RAAMA RAAMA…’ and / or ‘KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA…’ and you will have done it… they are simple and safe and can be chanted by anyone and everyone … and have no hard restrictions for chanting… I hope this helps….

        Guruvar please forgive me if I said something wrong…


      • Thanks usha…though i know ashtakshar and gayatri all…i was asking if women shud also chant the same in eclipse time…??

        Sirji hamka pehle hi tok chuke hain…’om’ nakko bolne ka balike…

        Obvioulsy RAAM RAAM…KRISHNA KRISHNA is all enough….


      • Kalyani and Usha,

        We can always substitute Pranav with Shri…So saying Shri Namo Narayana is okay for women.
        Also, the word ‘Iti’ should be omitted, which comes at the closing of many stotras and stutis.



      • Yawiee Guurji it is feeling as if snow is falling (white dots)….


      • Shuchiji..

        yes, that i know…kamalji had told me…about ‘Shri’….
        ‘Iti’…means that generally comes like…’iti xyz stotram sampoornam,’….so only ‘iti’ shud be omitted or complete line…?


      • @ Kalyani

        Actually what I meant was didi … RAAMA nama is the most potent mantra… we may not realise it because it seems the most obvious thing… we do not realise the power of RAAMA naama… check out this explanation by Guruvar:



      • And didi…eclipse or not …. we should not say the Pranava…. never.


      • @ Kalyani
        Only the word Iti, as far as I know and learned years ago from our family guru. But if the word Iti comes in the text of the stotra it should be said- just to remove any confusion.

        Do you also see falling snow flakes on the site? 😀



      • I don’t know where my response went.

        Iti, which comes at the end of the stotras are to be omitted not the whole line. If this word comes within the text of the stotra/stuti etc. it shouldn’t be omitted. That is what I was taught by our family guru.


      • Usha…RAM naam par hum research kar chuke hain 🙂 ….Sir ji had given me that link… ek baar RAM naam lene se saare paap dhul jatein hain…aur doosri baar lene se…doobara chipakte nahi hain….
        So just say RAM RAM !

        If you come to north ever you will see here esp in UP… people say ‘RAM RAM’ when they meet…. old people esp…also in villages.. baki toh todays generation feels shy on saying so… they take it as old fashioned … bhagwan ka naam old fashion bhi ho sakta hai… what a thought…but a truth for todays youth esp in urban areas…

        Ganga sahi direction nahi beh rahi bhai…..inka kya karen….

        Ya i know…females ko pranav nahi bolna hota hai kabhi bhi….

        Thanks Thanks…. 🙂


      • Thank you Guruji..I did as per your advise…Snowflakes.js :),symbolism for pre-winter season??


      • @Kalyani

        Yes didi……aap ne toh meri muh ki baat cheen li…. I know…. in the north people say ‘Raam Raam’ as a greeting… Don’t know where and why these age old traditions are disappearing… and being replaced by faltu western fashions…

        @Shuchi ji

        I didn’t know this about ‘iti’… thanks for letting us know…


  9. Sree Gurubhyo Namah
    Sree Krishnaya Namah
    Sree Hanumate Namah

    Poojyulaina Guruvugaariki pranamamulu.
    Guruvaryaa, bhakti and gynana increase in us little by little with sadhana….. like that ….does vairagya increase in us slowly, or does it come all of a sudden?

    Humble pranams
    Sree Krishnaya Namah


    • viragya comes dead slow ..


      • LORD is very kind… and you are answering on the go… so I need not lament that you are out of town Guruvaryaa… may LORD and RAYARU transfer all of my punya to your account ( how much ever trivial it is..) … and bestow upon you every kind of success…. 🙂


      • I mean … May LORD and Rayaru give away all of my fractionally trivial punya to you Guruvaryaa…. galti se mistake ho gayi 😀


  10. namo narayan

    @vikashji. Agar aapko pata tha ki Ram ko maryada purushottam kyon kehte hai to aapne mujhe pucha hi kyon?Sayad aapko doubt tha aapne concept ke bare me ya to aap mera test le rahe the athava aapne socha kya jabab deta hai dekhlu phir aapna gyan ki tir chaluanga. maine graha sarvattom conclude nahi kya………maine sirf chiraanji se pucha hai? If I had not ask , than many of the readers may be unaware of the FACT that GRAHAS …R…..JADA. THEY … r…merely pointers. so unlike INDRAdev’s SATTWIK ACT OF …….tormented rainfall during govardhan’s episode my tormented queries should b considered pureeeeeeeeely SATTWICK.

    On a lighter note ek astronomer hath me durbin liye AASMAAN ke taro ko dekhte hue jaa raha tha . Achanak woh ek gadda me gir gaya. Ek burhia boli pehle ZAMEEN me kya hai woh to thik se dekh…



    • @mahesh bhai aap kali pili merako both bhari aadmi samaj rele hai.bhai aapun to taratmaya ki line mai kadhe rehne ke bhi kabil nahi hai ,tir kya khak chalayenge.
      humble pranamas


      • @on a lighter rupaaiya(note) mahesh ji ke liye
        ek jigyasu haath mai advaita ka durbin liye banavati kanch ke tukdo ko dekthe hue jaa raha tha achanak vipreet gyyan namak gahre gaadhe mai girgaya.fir chirran namak guruji ne original taare dikhaye to pata chala hari sarvootama.hai naki graha sarvootama.
        humble pranama


      • Vikas ji good one 🙂 (Mahesh ji we are just kidding…)

        Mahesh ji Acharya once said that planets are not jada infact they are under adhipatya of devtas and grahas are devtas. Devtas are bahuamshi beings they can have several bodies at a time to do their Sadhane. Please do ask Acharya more on this it would be good for us also……like exact dynamics of Hari and his vichitra leela

        Definitely with all respect to graha devtas Hari Sarvottama not graha Sarvottama…..


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